Review: WAITING ON YOU by Kristan Higgins

I want to start by saying Kristan Higgins is a great writer. The words flow smoothly off the pages and she is masterful drawing you in to the characters’ lives. With that being said, I really had hoped to give Waiting On You more stars. Her writing is deserving of it, and second chance love stories are always my favorite. But unfortunately, this book had me feeling uneasy at the end, and honestly I really didn’t like the hero and heroine of the story.

Waiting on YouColleen O’Rourke has really made a name for herself as the town’s matchmaker. Being successful setting her friends up, she has been a maid of honor many times and even has a few children named after her. The irony is that she has less luck with her own love life as she has never gotten over her first love Lucas Campbell. For her, in her senior year of high school, it was love at first sight. They spent four years in a long distance relationship, and one arguement and misunderstanding later, she is alone and he is getting married. Fast forward ten years from there, Lucas is back to help his ailing uncle and his family. He has been divorced for two years and apparently still has eyes for Colleen.

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Review: THE BEST MAN by Kristan Higgins

I have only read a couple of Kristan Higgins books, but the ones I have read of hers are are sweet and full of heart. The Best Man is the best one I have read so far. I enjoyed that this book has so much going on in it with so many layers and subplots (in a good way). The Best Man starts out with the reader learning that Faith was left at the altar and what she did in response to that.  It then goes back and forth between past and present as we follow Faith’s journey. Most of it continues in present day. I am not typically a fan of this back and forth type story, always wanting to get on with the present, but in this book it really worked.

TBMLevi is the hero of the story. He doesn’t really act like a hero most of the time, though.  He is currently the chief of Police and a very closed off individual. He is raising his little sister after their mother died and trying to keep the town happy. He was once the little boy from the trailer park that the rich kids didn’t want to talk to but now he is the town hero. Levi is Jeremy’s (Faith’s ex-fiance) best friend. He couldn’t quite stand Princess Super-Cute (his nickname for Faith) growing up while Jeremy and Faith dated. Levi is very gruff to Faith through most of the book which is a little annoying, but fits his character and the good thing is we do learn why.

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