Review: DARE TO RESIST by Laura Kaye

Title: Dare to Resist (Wedding Dare, #0.5)

Author: Laura Kaye

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: Purchased from Amazon

Reviewed by Amy

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Talk about a hot book! Colten and Kady (aka Cupcake) burn up the pages in Dare to Resist by Laura Kaye. They have such great banter, playful interactions, and off the charts chemistry.

Colten and Kady grew up together as he is her older brother’s friend. Life happened, they went their own ways, and then find themselves at a business meeting stuck in a hotel together. They both want each other bad physically, but don’t act on it for a number of reasons. When they both figure out they want the same thing, watch out. I blushed a little, got a little fidgety, and ended the book with a big smile.

If you are looking for a quick, hot, sexy read, give Dare to Resist a try!

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Review: HARD TO LET GO by Laura Kaye

I am so sad to see the Hard Ink Series by Laura Kaye come to an end. I have loved every one of the Hard Ink stories and I feel like I am one of the team after reading them all. I love how different each love story has been with this series while following the common plot between them all. In Hard to Let Go, we get to read about Beckett and Kat. Their story is explosive. Their passion for one another as well as their short tempers makes for an interesting romance. It kept me turning pages, along with the team unraveling more information to get closer to solving the series-long mystery. If you have not read this series, you really need to read it in order, so I suggest you go back to the beginning and read Hard As it Gets.

23003746Hard to Let Go definitely made me squirm at the insanely hot intimate scenes but also had me in tears at a few heartbreaking scenes. The pacing is great, however there was a scene or two where I wanted to tell Beckett and Kat to keep their pants on and get on with what else is happening around them (they do enjoy their sexy time together). Beckett and Kat each had their own internal struggles that added another layer to this book. I was so happy for both of them when they finally trusted each other enough to let the other one in.

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Review: HARD EVER AFTER by Laura Kaye

Hard Ever After by Laura Kaye is the absolute perfect ending to the Hard Ink Series (assuming this is the end). I had so much fun with the characters as they were on the other side of their quest for answers. It was the time to get their lives back and live a normal life. Not a life on lock-down and always watching for bad guys. It was time for Becca and Nick’s wedding!

25489942Kaye has really done a phonemoneal job with the Hard Ink Series. I love the balance of romance, suspense and smoking hot scenes she writes in her stories. Like the other books, Hard Ever After was a page turner for me. I hung on every word the characters spoke and felt like I was one of them. Even though Nick and Becca were in the other books in the series, it was like coming home to read a book where they were the main characters again.

Of course, the Hard Ink guys had one more loose end to tie up before they could all truly move on with their Happy Ever After and Kaye did not disappoint with this story line. She provided a realistic plot that had me looking over my shoulder at times while reading the story. The way it played out mingled with the rest of the story so well and in the end there Becca (and the rest of us) were given the much needed closure. I couldn’t have imaged a better ending to it all.

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Review: LOVE IN THE LIGHT by Laura Kaye

If you read Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye you will NOT want to miss Love in the Light. It is the sequel and so, so, so good. You can probably read this story as a stand alone, but you will definitely want to read how they met in Hearts in Darkness. I love both of these books so hard. Love in the Light left me speechless at the end. I actually cried happy tears because it was so damn good and I was so joyful for a fictional couple!

25396316Caden and Makenna are such a power couple and you think that their love will be easy but it’s not. In their relationship and this story there is joy, passion, admiration, respect, but also insecurities, fear, and heartbreak. Their story is about two people finding themselves before they truly find forever in each other. Kaye writes such emotion into her stories. My heart hurt while reading. I cried with the characters. I felt their joy. I was turned on when they were turned on. 😉

Love in the Light takes place over the holiday season in the winter and we are introduced to Makenna’s family. They brought such personality to the story and we really got to know more about why Makenna is so loving and selfless. We also got to know Caden a bit more later in the book, however, that was through him hitting rock bottom which was heart wrenching to watch, but he needed to go through it. They both did. Sometimes when you come into a relationship with so much baggage you have to learn what to get rid of and what you can carry together. It’s great when they figure this out.

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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: HARD TO BE GOOD by Laura Kaye

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Review by Amy

Hard to Be Good by Laura Kaye was quite an interesting book for me. It was my first male/male romance book. I absolutely loved Jeremy in the Hard Ink Series and while I have not read any m/m books, I thought I would give this one a try because it was from an author I know and trust to do a good job.

HardToBeGoodIn Hard To Be Good, we are treated to Jeremy’s love story. As it sort of builds up in Hard to Come By prior to this, it came to no surprise to me that Charlie would be his perfect match. The two of them are finally able to spend time alone and when that happens, they are unable to hold back their feelings for one another. While I mentioned earlier that I love Jeremy, I am still not sure what I think about Charlie. He is very insecure and while I understood that and first felt compassion for him, I was a little annoyed with it as the story went on. I wanted to slap him really.

The author does a nice job with this novella in the series. The overall plot progresses a little yet, not enough that you would miss anything major if you don’t read it. While I am no stranger to erotic romance and like detailed intimate scenes, this one was a bit much for me. I just can’t connect with male/male intimacy. I found myself looking forward to the non-sex parts of the book and sort of wanted it to be over quickly.

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