Review: LOVE, TECHNICALLY by Lynne Silver

I have a soft spot for tech geeks. Mainly because I married one.  He isn’t a billionaire CEO, but I am pretty sweet on him.  When I saw Love, Technically by Lynne Silver come up for review and read the blurb I knew I had to read it. It was such a fun story. For those that work in the corporate world, you will really be able to identify with this story.  Even if you don’t, it will still be just as entertaining for you.

LoveTech_CoverI don’t usually like it when people lie about their identity in stories, but can understand why they choose to do so. In this case Sark lies about being the CEO because he really likes Michelle and is afraid she will treat him differently if she knows who he really is. The CEO title either freaks people out or draws people in because of his money. He is afraid of being hurt again, so he keeps it a secret for a bit. We all know that when Michelle eventually finds out things are going to change. How is this story different? Because we have a hero who isn’t ultra-smooth with the ladies and we watch him navigate the uncomfortable area of love and romance. It is entertaining to watch him figure out how to get the girl.

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