Review: TO WIN HER HEART by Mackenzie Crowne

In To Win Her Heart by Mackenzie Crowne, country singer, Jessi Tucker has had it. She feels suffocated by all the restrictions her father has put in to place.  Jessi decides that maybe if she had a boyfriend her father would back off so she asks Max Grayson, her cousin’s BFF to be her pretend boyfriend. Max turns her down immediately. Max grew up on the streets and the MMA fighter doesn’t believe he is good enough for Jessi. But when Max learns that Jessi is being stalked by a crazy fan, he quickly changes his mind. Can Max keep things professional or will his heart win out?

28699369This book was just as fantastic as the previous book in the series. Crowne has a knack for writing sexy book boyfriends and strong heroines. I can’t wait to read her next book. I really felt Jessi’s frustration throughout the book. First she was suffocating because of her well-meaning family and then her career was making her physically ill. I was so happy when towards the end of the book she finally stood up for herself when it came to her career and with Max.

Poor Max. I really wanted to thump him upside the head a few times for not believing that he was good enough for Jessi. His background story of being abandoned as a child was just heartbreaking but I love how he rose above it to become a successful business man. Eventually he got over his past and realized that he was on the verge of losing Jessi forever.

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Review: TO WIN HER TRUST by MacKenzie Crowne

In To Win Her Trust by MacKenzie Crowne, CC Calhoun has spent years as a recluse. After a traumatic event during her childhood, CC only goes out when necessary. On one of her necessary trips outside, CC literally runs into football player, Kevin “Tuck” Tucker. CC is nearly thrown into a panic attack, and Tuck does the only thing he can think of and kisses the beautiful stranger in his arms. After introductions are made and some serious negotiations are done, CC agrees to see Tuck for the next 3 weeks and he agrees to help her get over her fears. Once Tuck goes to training camp though, their relationship will be over. As CC and Tuck get to know one another, their hearts develop a different idea about their agreement. Will they both be able to walk away at the end of 3 weeks?

ToWinHerTrust_750This was such an enjoyable read for me. It left me with a sneaky book hangover (which I discovered when I tried to read another book after finishing this one). Tuck and CC had such great chemistry together. The story line had a wonderful assortment of characters and there was a lot of humor thrown in that had me laughing to myself.

I loved everything about Tuck. He was so down to earth and so smitten with CC from the get go. Crowne does an excellent job of not having Tuck fall into the stereotypical professional athlete of using his wealth and fame to get what he wants. Tuck had a great sense of humor and just enough bad boy thrown in to make things interesting.

CC was such a fighter throughout the book. Not only did she overcome her fears but she took a chance on loving Tuck. The last chapter made me so proud of her when she very publicly announced her love for him.

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