Review: PROMISE ME YOU by Marina Adair

Title: Promise Me You

Author: Marina Adair

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received via NetGalley

Reviewed by Amy

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Holy smokes! I am am so in love with Promise Me You by Marina Adair. The story was so unique and had me experiencing so many emotions and feelings while I was flipping pages as fast as I could. Adair writes a captivating romance between two people that couldn’t be in more different places in their lives. The icing on top was Mackenzie’s dog Muttley. It was just so good.

Hunter and Mackenzie have been friends for awhile. They wrote songs together and have the same love of the music industry. She has also been in love with Hunter forever. Unfortunately, when the story begins, he is going to marry someone else. Fast forward a few years and the two meet up again after not seeing each other. Hunter is expecting to pick up where they left off but little does he know that Mackenzie’s life is very different than it was before.

I really enjoyed Mackenzie’s personal journey as it was so outside of what I know. I can’t imagine being in her shoes. I found myself aching for her at times when she was frustrated and feeling defeated. I loved watching Hunter learn Mackenzie’s world and what he could do to support and help her.  Adair writes the romance and intimate scenes between the Hunter and Mackenzie so perfectly for the story and the characters.

If you are looking for a fantastic contemporary romance story to read, give Promise Me You a try. The writing is smooth, the story moves along at a great pace, the romance is sexy, and you will be left with so much hope and love.

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Review: EVERY LITTLE KISS by Marina Adair

Every Little Kiss by Marina Adair is contemporary romance at its finest. It is the perfect blend of flawed but brilliant characters, an engaging plot, sexy loves scenes, conflict, and is topped off with a scene stealer superdog! It had me flipping pages so quickly I could barely control myself. Not only did I love the dialogue between main characters Ford and Liv but I found myself laughing out loud at the scenes with Ford and his boss/friend Harris. So funny.

I didn’t get the chance to read the first book in the series yet, but I didn’t feel as though I needed to in order to enjoy Every Little Kiss. They seem to be connected by the town they live in and the characters. Ford and Liv’s story stood on its own. Ford is in Sequoia Lake to battle his demons. Liv is in Sequoia Lake because she wants her son, Paxton, to get to know his Dad who passed away a couple of years ago when Paxton was a toddler. His Dad and Liv’s deceased husband grew up in Sequoia Lake. She is surrounded with memories and finds it hard to move on. Enter Ford. He shakes things up quite a bit.

Adair entertains me from beginning to end with her stories. While Every Little Kiss is a heart warming romance, is has some real underlying emotions to it. Some of the things that tug at my heart are the loss and grief that the main characters feel in addition to worrying about what the future holds. There is also real joy and happiness along with passion. It’s fantastic. The romance is fun to watch, the pacing is great and I found myself not wanting it to end.

Every Little Kiss is a captivating romance with a hot, sexy, hero and a heroine that can hold her own against just about anyone. It’s a page turner from start to finish and will have you sighing happily at the end. I now want to go back and read the first book in the series!

Title: Every Little Kiss (Sequoia Lake, #2)

Author: Marina Adair

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received via NetGalley

Review: CHASING I DO by Marina Adair

Lovely. Absolutely fantastic. That’s how I would describe Chasing I Do by Marina Adair. I fell in love with Gage and Darcy from the very beginning. I loved the way they spoke to one another and how they spoke about the ones they loved. I loved their fierce loyalty. This was a tricky plot. Darcy ran out on Gage’s brother at their wedding and his brother was then killed in a car accident after drinking and driving. The family was completely lost after that. Gage’s mom placed all the blame on Darcy and made her life hell for awhile. Fast forward about 5 years and the story is present day. Darcy has a little girl and her dream job is taking off. Life is good. She is moving on. Until the Gage shows up on her doorstep.

I so enjoyed Chasing I Do. It had everything I was looking forward to in a book. Romance, great characters, intimacy, love, and a gregarious four year old little girl named Kylie who loves to twirl and dance. Adair had me on laughing at moments and tearing up at others. I hung on every word written because I couldn’t get enough. There are many brothers in the Easton family and I can’t wait to read about the rest of them.

There is so much love between Gage and Darcy and Kylie that it had my emotions overflowing. Even in the face of disaster, Darcy is courageous and respectful. You can’t not like her. Gage is that dreamy romance hero we all love to read about. Strong, sexy, but so sweet and adores the two women in his life and would do just about anything for them. Even if it means going against his mother. It’s a fantastic story.

If you are looking for a well written contemporary romance with all the usual ingredients but with the addition of cake, frosting, a mother-in-law that no one wants, and a prissy little dog, give Chasing I Do a read. Once you start you won’t be able to put it down. It’s that good. I can’t wait to read more in this series!

Title: Chasing I Do (The Eastons, #1)

Author: Marina Adair

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: Purchased from Amazon


Review: NEED YOU FOR MINE by Marina Adair

I had such a good time reading Need You for Mine by Marina Adair! It was entertaining from start to finish. I don’t know why I waited so long to read one of Adair’s books, and I realized how much I was missing out. It is my understanding that Need You For Mine is the third book in the Heroes of St. Helena series, and while I can’t wait to go back and read the first two books, I don’t feel as though I had to read the others to get swept away in Need You For Mine.

27225867Adam and Harper are the stars in Need You For Mine and what stars they were. I adored both of their personalities. Harper is a rock star. From how she handles herself when she was joyful  and challenged professionally to how she held up when her heart was broken. She taught me a lot about being a better person. I fell for Adam right away, too. There was so much more to him than what the public saw and was pulling for him too.

Need You For Mine was so much more than just a contemporary romance story. We get to watch two characters mature individually and grow as a couple. The chemistry between the two was palpable and the intimate scenes were hot. From their first kiss to their last one in the book, I was hooked.

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