Review, Excerpt & Giveaway: FATAL TRUTH by Misty Evans

I am so excited to be sharing the news of a new release by Misty Evans! Fatal Truth, is the first book in Misty’s new Shadow Force International Series and it was amazing. I do like all of Misty’s books, but of course I like some more than others. This one is right up near the top of my favorites from her. Today you can read a review, an excerpt and enter to win a Gift Card and Rock Star Bracelet!

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FatalTruths600x900Fatal Truth by Misty Evans is a fast paced action packed story of an investigative reporter who has ticked off the president and finds her life in jeopardy as a result. Enter the scene Trace Hunter, a former Navy Seal, who Savannah exposed on one of her TV shows as a traitor and as a result he lands in jail. However, as in all good romantic suspense novels, he is released from prison for some unknown reason and ends up as Savannah’s body guard although she does not recognize him.

As the story evolves we start to learn that Savannah and Trace both have secrets they are keeping which have landed them in the situation in which they find themselves. An additional twist to the story results from a sister of Savannah’s who seems to play a major role in solving this mystery. I am glad this series will continue as the Shadow Force International group will have many stories to share that follow this same pattern of fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.

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Review & Giveaway: EXPOSING JUSTICE by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

So Many Reads is excited to be a stop on the Exposing Justice Blog Tour this month! We have a review from Mary for you as well as a giveaway of a gift card or an audiobook of Cheating Justice!

I had the chance to read Exposing Justice and the series continues to blow me away with original plots and characters but the same great storytelling, humor along with passionate romance and thrilling suspense! ~Amy

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Exposing Justice HR for webI love this Justice series and Exposing Justice by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano did not disappoint. I find them fast moving and engaging with a lot of laughs thrown in through the thoughts of the characters. The collaboration of these two authors seems to work really well and it provides the reader with hours of entertainment.

In this book we find Brice, also known as Hawkeye, a cynical blogger who exposes political corruption paired with Hope who is a journalist working for the Office of Public Information. They connect over the death of a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. While his death looks to be a result of road rage, Hope and Brice believe it is something else based on anonymous tips and just plain good detective work. What transpires results in intrigue and mayhem.  In the course of all this they find themselves falling for each other even though they rally against it.

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Review & Giveaway: THE DETECTIVE by Adrienne Giordano

So Many Reads is excited to be part of The Detective Blog Tour! Today you’ll get to read what Mary has to say about the book and you will have the chance to enter to win a very cool giveaway!
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9780373698479In The Detective by Adrienne Giordano, Brody Hayward, a homicide detective, recovers from an elbow injury he agrees to help his private detective sister look at a two year old murder case. While he only plans to give it a cursory look the same is not the case for the interior designer he encounters in the course of his investigation.

Lexi Vanderbilt proves to be more of a distraction than Brody anticipated and as the case starts to unravel Lexi’s involvement in the case lead her and Brody into a convoluted web of intrigue and a twist that even I did not expect.

Once again Adrienne provides the reader with characters whose cryptic comments and quick wit lead the reader on an enjoyable journey into the mystery and power struggles of the movers and shakers in the world of high finance.

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Review: YOUR NEXT BREATH by Iris Johansen

I love Iris Johansen’s stories about Eve Duncan, her family and friends. Your Next Breath engages us in the life of Catherine Ling, a friend of Eve’s, who suddenly finds that former acquaintances are being stalked and killed by someone who wants to see Catherine suffer.  As a CIA agent who was recruited practically as a child, Catherine has made a lot of enemies. Which one of them wants to reek revenge on her and those she is close to?

21853634Although Catherine sees herself as a loner she finds as the circle tightens around her, she really has many more people who care about her and are considered targets than she ever imagined.  First and foremost is her 12 year old son Luke who was kidnapped when he was two and raised by an evil man who also sought to punish Catherine.  Now that she has Luke back, she will do anything in her power to keep him and her friends safe.  However, it is no small task and she finds herself all over the world trying to find the vicious murder before he kills those who mean the most to her.

I enjoy the complexity of Johansen’s characters and the “special” gifts some of them have that are almost supernatural and yet fascinating in terms of how she weaves these into her story.  Richard Cameron is one of those people with a special gift that he always seems able to use when Catherine needs it most.  Will their relationship develop into what Catherine is fighting so hard not to feel?  Seth Caleb is another character with “special” talents and his use of these will be important when Jane, Eve’s daughter, is most in need of them,  another complex relationship that leaves the reader wondering where it will lead.

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Review: DEADLY FORCE by Misty Evans

Deadly Force, the third book in Misty Evans‘ Deadly series delivers the same romantic suspense and high energy drama that her previous two novels contained. This novel finds Cal Reese, a Navy Seal, recovering from what appears to be a botched raid in Afghanistan which leaves 3 of his seal buddies dead. Cal was nearly the fourth but recovered and is now fighting PTSD as a result.  His genius wife, Bianca, appears early in the book with what he assumes are divorce papers. He couldn’t be further from the truth.  She is running for her life and knows the only man that can save her is Cal.


The book is full of dramatic scenes that hold the reader’s attention based on what will happen next. Will they allude those trying to kill her or is she really the target. Her work with the Command and Control task force has landed her in some pretty deep water based on the information she has stumbled on. Will it get her and Cal both killed along with the President of the United States. As they journey together on this fast paced and dangerous escape they find that they both still have feelings for each other. Where will those feelings take them in terms of their future?  It is worth the read to find out.


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