Review & Giveaway: RIVER OF LOVE by Melissa Foster

In River Of Love by Melissa Foster, Sam Braden loves women. The adventure company owner has a well deserved reputation of being a one time kind of guy. Lately though, the idea of sleeping around has been loosing it’s appeal and Sam blames that on the beautiful Faith Hayes. Faith, a physician’s assistant who works for Sam’s brother, has been burned in the past by a cheating boyfriend. She channeled that hurt into something positive by forming Women Against Cheaters, an online support forum. So when Sam begins to pursue Faith, she is naturally skeptical about his ability to commit. As the sparks fly and things heat up, will Faith be able to trust Sam with her heart?

24779216This book initially started out a little slow for me. It took a few chapters for me to sort out the characters and get into the story. Once I got into it, I couldn’t put this book down.Sam makes excellent book boyfriend material. He is smart, sexy, and a successful business owner. His patient wooing of Faith though is what won me over. Their first official date was so sweet and romantic. He never scoffed at Faith’s insecurities but instead proved why she could trust him.

I loved how Faith didn’t turn into a bitter scorned woman after she caught her ex cheating on her. Instead she used that hurt and turned it into something good with her support group. Faith truly wants to make a difference in her professional and private life.

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Review & Giveaway: CLAIMED BY LOVE by Melissa Foster

n Claimed By Love by Melissa Foster, Gabriella Liakos has returned home to Elpitha Island, South Carolina to help her grandfather sell it. Gabriella really loathes the idea of selling the island she loves, fearful that some greedy investor will snap it up, build monstrous high rise casinos and have cruise ships docking there. Duke Ryder is interested in buying the island and turning it into an exclusive resort. That is until he meets Gabriella and her Southern Greek family. Duke falls in love from the moment he meets Gabriella and vows to do everything possible to make her happy, including honoring her wishes about the island. Gabriella is hesitant to trust Duke not only with her heart but with her family’s future. Can Duke win her over and show her that a happily ever after is possible for everyone?

23123770This is the first book I have ever read by Melissa Foster. Man, have I been missing out! I loved her writing style and her characters. I will definitely be reading more of this author in the future.

I absolutely loved Gabriella and Duke’s characters. Their love was so honest and so real. They reminded me of my grandparents who were married for over fifty years. My grandfather was always reaching for my grandmother wanting to hold her hand just like Duke always wanted contact with Gabriella. You just know that Duke and Gabriella will be married forever and have lots of babies and grand babies to share in their love.

Duke is undeniably book boyfriend material. He was so patient and sweet with Gabriella even when she pushed him away several times. Duke was always making sure Gabriella was happy and didn’t regret anything they did together. He also had a major soft spot for her family and fit right in from the moment he sat foot on the island.

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