Review: TURBULENT WATERS by Melody Anne

In Turbulent Waters by Melody Anne, Coast Guard helicopter pilot, Nick Armstrong is good at what he does. Nick is a fearless pilot, who loves his job but when a devastating crash puts him on medical leave, Nick finds himself floating in despair. Angry and saddened by the loss of his crew, Nick channels his anger into pushing himself to get back to active duty no matter how much physical pain he has to go through. Chloe Reynolds is recruited by Nick’s uncle to get him back into shape. For the next six weeks, she will work and live in Nick’s house. Chloe’s family though blames Nick for the death of her brother and Chloe has been told by her abusive father to find evidence that Nick is guilty of murder. Neither one of them counted on the attraction they feel for each other. Will they give into temptation? Will Nick ever fly again? Is Nick responsible for the death of Chloe’s brother?

Chloe is an interesting heroine. A good chunk of the book, Chloe is swamped by doubt of Nick’s guilt and fighting her attraction to Nick. Her job as a physical therapist means everything to her and it’s important that she remain professional at all times. Even if her client is extremely attractive and a nice guy. Gradually Chloe can’t help but give in and with Nick’s help she even moves on from her abusive father.

Nick is a pretty open character. He loves women but since his accident he has been in a funk. Chloe brings out the devilish side of him and he is determined to win her over. Nick also has a huge heart as shown by his love for his family and his choice in a career. The attraction between these two characters is instant. From the moment Nick meets Chloe at the front door, it is apparent these two have chemistry in spades. Chloe fights Nick tooth and nail but in the end she just can’t resist him.

Turbulent Waters is the third book in the Billionaire Aviators by Melody Anne but it can be read as a standalone (although if you are like me, you will want to read about the other Armstrong brothers when you are done with this book). This novel features two interesting characters and a decent amount of heat. Anyone who loves contemporary romance should give this book a read.

Title: Turbulent Waters

Author: Melody Anne

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC VIA NetGalley