Review: FATAL THRILL by Misty Evans

Title: Fatal Thrill (SEALs of Shadow Force, #6)

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Reviewed by Amy

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Fatal Thrill by Misty Evans is the sixth book in the SEALs of Shadow Force series with an exciting adventure that takes the reader to abandoned castles in Ireland, follows a romance between two characters that are seeking the love of their families, and a team of highly trained operatives come together to help a woman they only knew through one of their own. Fatal Thrill is much more than just suspense. It is a mystery that you can’t put down because you find yourself thinking and want to help the characters along in their journey.

Jon and Jaya are the main characters in Fatal Thrill that readers met briefly in Fatal Vision. At the beginning of Fatal Thrill, Jaya is seeking Jon out to give him some great news and ends up at Rock Star Security. From there she meets many of the characters we have read about in previous books in the series, but she also gets alarming news that her brother has been kidnapped. From that moment, she receives the full weight of Shadow Force International’s resources. Jon and Jaya, along with several others embark on a journey to free her brother that will have you flipping pages.

Evans does such a fantastic job of writing stories for her characters. I rarely feel as though I have read the same story before from this author, and I have read all her books! Fatal Thrill is really all about family. The family that Jon and Jaya has lost and they so desperately want it back but feel time has slipped through their hands. While on their quest, they learn that family isn’t always blood relatives, but it is the friends and teammates that surround you. I truly loved this aspect of the story. Jon and Jaya are so loved.

The romance between Jon and Jaya was awesome because it wasn’t the typical boy meets girl and goes through some crap wondering if they are going to make it. They already knew each other when we first start the book and they stick together from beginning to end. They are supportive of each other and so in love. The ending of Fatal Thrill as it relates to their romance is absolutely perfect!

If you are looking for a romantic suspense that will take you treasure hunting in Ireland with the talented SFI guys and gals, give Fatal Thrill a read. You will love it!

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Review: DEADLY HOLIDAY by Misty Evans

In Deadly Holiday by Misty Evans and Amy Manemann, Cooper and Celina just want to spend an evening celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately a drug cartel leader happens to get in the way of that. Luckily the Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce (aka The Avengers) are ready to save the day as always.

I have loved Cooper and Celina since the first story in the SCVC Taskforce series, Deadly Pursuit. It’s so much fun to read about them in later books. Evans and Manemann write an entertaining novella that packs quite a bit of action into such a short story! Sprinkled throughout are the sexy looks and quips and sweet baby giggles that will warm your heart!

Evans and Manemann are able to show the love between Cooper and Celina in the way they work together and respond to each other. It’s a love that has matured over time which is great to see. The ending of the story is just perfect, too!

If you are looking for a holiday novella with a bit of suspense, give Deadly Holiday a read!

Title: Deadly Holiday (SCVC Taskforce)

Authors: Misty Evans and Amy Manemann

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Barnes & Noble



Review: SWEET CURSE by Misty Evans

Kali Sweet is one incredible supernatural. Each story I read about her tops the last one. Just when I think Kali needs a break, Misty Evans throws Kali into yet another between good versus evil. Although, sometimes in Sweet Curse, it’s hard to tell the difference. So much is going on in Sweet Curse, that you have to read each and every word or you get lost. There are angels, demons, shifters, vampires, blood slaves, goddesses, witches, and many more things to keep straight! Kali also excels at outsmarting even the most powerful that you have to watch how each work is spoken between the characters. It’s quite the adventure!

Kali is head of the Bridge Institute, an organization that protects humans from supernaturals and brings order. Although, it seems the Bridge Institute is also protecting a whole lot of supernaturals these days. Archangel Michael is the main “villain” in Sweet Curse, which if you read the Witches Anonymous Series, overlaps just a bit. And how about an angel for a villain? And not a Fallen Angel, either? Evans doesn’t always give us typical villains in her stories.

As with the other Kali Sweet books, we see a whole lot of love and friendship happening, whether it’s romantic love between Kali and Rad or family love with Kali and her friends like Di, Cole, or even Dru. Kali is one awesome vengeance demon (which she keeps in check most of the time) who loves humans and wants to do the right thing by all. I love that about her, but I will admit in this book, it was fun to see her demon come out and play a bit. In Sweet Curse, we side of Kali we haven’t seen before. It is both scary and fascinating.

If you like fantasy, give Sweet Curse a read. It is the fourth book in the series, and while it is great to read books in order so they build on one another, I think this one could be read as a standalone. Evans does a nice job with backstory to catch the reader up to speed for the important pieces of the plot. If you haven’t read a fantasy yet but want to give one a try, give the Kali Sweet series a try. They are fantastic!

Title: Sweet Curse (Kali Sweet Urban Fantasy, #4)

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Fantasy

Source: ARC Received from Author


Review: WICKED WEDDING by Misty Evans

Wicked Wedding by Misty Evans is pure entertainment. Evans always stretches my imagination in the fantasy world with her deliciously naughty Witches Anonymous series. There are not many other fantasies I enjoy reading, but I absolutely adore these books. I devour them quickly once I get my hands on them.

Amy and Lucifer (Luc for short) are trying to get married. Unfortunately things never go as planned for Amy, who is working on Step 8 of her Witches Anonymous steps. She is trying to be good and not use magic after all. As with other books in the series, we see Amy take charge of making something right and her merry band of friends (i.e., the devil, a few angels, witches, and a Vodun priestess) backing her up. It’s a recipe for a good time!

In Wicked Wedding we are also treated to more fun with baby Azaria (Amy and Luc are expecting!) and her awesome magic that she continues to project while growing as good little angels do in their mother’s womb. It’s quite a treat!

If you are looking for an entertaining read that will sweep you away from reality for a couple of hours, give Wicked Wedding a try. If you haven’t read the series yet, you will want to start right away! If you have read the series so far you won’t want to miss this one!

Title: Wicked Wedding (Witches Anonymous, #8)

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Fantasy

Source: ARC received from Author

Review: DEADLY SECRETS by Misty Evans

Deadly Secrets by Misty Evans is another fantastic romantic suspense full of mystery, passion, and lots of secrets. In this book we are not privy to the villain’s point of view, which allows us try to solve the mystery along with the characters.

Roman and Brooke are interesting characters, however I didn’t fall in love with the right away. They slowly grew on me which was a nice twist. Perhaps it was Brooke’s cautious nature or Roman’s polite assertiveness that made them more “real” and not like traditional romance characters. Whatever it was I finally fell in love with them about the time the clothes started coming off because boy can they make love! It was hot and sexy and real at the same time. It was cerebral sex, as Brooke talks about in the story when referencing her romance novels.

Speaking of romance novels, Evans’ brilliant use of the heroine comparing her “real life” to that of a romance novel heroine was extremely fun. The fact that Evans used her own book – Operation Sheba – which happens to have my favorite romance couple was icing on the cake!

The ending to the mystery and learning the secrets all the characters harbored was nothing like I imagined (because I was coming up with plenty of explanations in my head!). When you read a lot of books you like to be surprised and I was in Deadly Secrets. If you are looking for a well written story with sexy characters, mystery, action and suspense, give Deadly Secrets a read.

Title: Deadly Secrets 

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Review: FATAL VISION by Misty Evans

A prickly hero who also happens to be a former SEAL and a beauty queen heroine FBI agent team up to take down a serial killer. Fatal Vision by Misty Evans is the next book in her Shadow Force International series. I have loved each and every book in this series! The best thing about the SFI series is that there are a few characters that overlap from one book to the next, each book can be read as a stand alone, and each has a distinct plot with engaging main characters.

Colton and Shelby were once married and still very much in love. I love reading about couples reuniting, especially married couples. We find Colton rushing to Shelby’s side in Fatal Vision when she needs him. How can he say to the only woman he has ever loved? Shelby is recovering from a gunshot wound and that near fatal night has to do with a case she was investigating. She needs Colton to help her out.

I really enjoyed the storyline of Fatal Vision. Even though we have an idea of who the killer is, the story is filled with heart racing action and suspenseful situations. While most of the time I didn’t want to put the book down, a few times my heart couldn’t take it and had to put it down to take a few breaths and remind my self it was a fiction story.

Evans does a fabulous job with the romance between Colton and Shelby. The reuniting of these characters was pretty simple by romance standards but that made it all the more believable, but not easy. I enjoyed the mystery around why they were divorced in the first place. Evans knows how to pull the reader in and keep them there until the end, offering up bits and pieces of the story to the readers. The love scenes were passionate and smokin’ hot, too.

In Fatal Vision, the dialogue is witty, the pacing is right on point, the characters are fascinating and the story is enticing. If you are looking for a romantic suspense that will entertain you from beginning to end, give this one a read!

Title: Fatal Vision (Shadow Force International, #4)

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Review: MISSING JUSTICE by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

I can’t get enough of the Justice Team Series by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano. Missing Justice is the latest book by the duo writing team and features Taylor, an FBI agent and Matt, a Private Investigator. What starts out as professional competitors and a one night stand turns into a phenomenal story and adventure.

Evans and Giordano always come up with unique stories to tell with several layers and plot lines to keep the pages turning. In Missing Justice, the main plot is a missing wife and child of a United States Senator. Eight years after Justice Greystone (The Justice Team founder) gave it a crack as an FBI agent, Taylor starts working on it since there are new developments. As Taylor starts her investigation she runs into Private Investigator, Matt, and finds out the the senator has hired him to complete the investigation. Should they work together or against one another? The sparks begin to fly.

I absolutely love the way Evans and Giordano write their books. The reader gets to follow leads and work out the mystery alongside the characters which includes the emotional highs and lows that are part of any missing person case. It makes you feel as though you are part of their team helping them solve it.

Along with the amazing plot, Evans and Giordano really up the sexiness of the romance in Missing Justice. Matt and Taylor slowly fall in love with one another throughout the entire book and it shows in small moments whether it’s the hand holding or the passionate love scenes or the heart wrenching scenes where emotional walls are torn down. One aspect of their romance I loved is that they didn’t really leave one another. They worked through their issues without much physical distance.

Missing Justice can be read as a stand alone like all Justice Team books, so if you are looking for a fantastic romantic suspense story, give this one a read. You will love it whether you are a first time Justice Team reader, or have read them all!

Title: Missing Justice (Justice Team, #7)

Author: Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Authors