Review: NEED YOU FOR MINE by Marina Adair

I had such a good time reading Need You for Mine by Marina Adair! It was entertaining from start to finish. I don’t know why I waited so long to read one of Adair’s books, and I realized how much I was missing out. It is my understanding that Need You For Mine is the third book in the Heroes of St. Helena series, and while I can’t wait to go back and read the first two books, I don’t feel as though I had to read the others to get swept away in Need You For Mine.

27225867Adam and Harper are the stars in Need You For Mine and what stars they were. I adored both of their personalities. Harper is a rock star. From how she handles herself when she was joyful  and challenged professionally to how she held up when her heart was broken. She taught me a lot about being a better person. I fell for Adam right away, too. There was so much more to him than what the public saw and was pulling for him too.

Need You For Mine was so much more than just a contemporary romance story. We get to watch two characters mature individually and grow as a couple. The chemistry between the two was palpable and the intimate scenes were hot. From their first kiss to their last one in the book, I was hooked.

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Review: LIFE AFTER PERFECT by Nancy Naigle

What a book. I downloaded Life After Perfect by Nancy Naigle back when it came out in May. I started it. Then stopped. I started it again and stopped. Why? Because it has a LOT of emotion in it. Emotion I wasn’t ready for. I typically read books that sweep me up in the romance or the suspense of it. The ones that take me out of my personal reality. Life After Perfect is real. The characters are real. The struggles are real. They hit home. I am sure everyone that reads this has a friend or family member that has gone through or is going through something in this book. It’s an emotional, heart-tugging, tearful read. But it’s also a beautiful and heartwarming read.

23733236Katherine “Katy” Barclift is watching one friend bury her husband and another friend go through some infidelity in her marriage. She is looking at this from her own “perfect” life. When that perfect life of hers hits a bump, it rocks her world. Rocks it right out of town. And right into Dr. Derek Hansen and the friendly faces in Boot Creek, North Carolina.

As in all of Naigle’s books, the descriptions of settings in Life After Perfect make you feel as though you have been to the town. You taste the yummy blackberry cobbler. You feel the water from the creek on your feet. She does a fabulous job of setting the scene.  I enjoy how Naigle is able to bring out the small town charm in her books and makes you want to move into those towns! In Life After Perfect, small town hospitality is at it’s finest when Katy needs it most.

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Review: TAKEN, NOT SPURRED by Ruth Cardello

In Taken, Not Spurred by Ruth Cardello, Sarah Dery is having a quarter life crisis.  At twenty five, she’s still working for her parents and dreaming of becoming a writer.  When a friend invites her to Texas for the summer, Sarah jumps at the opportunity for a change in scenery.  Except things don’t exactly go as planned and Sarah ends up at Tony Carlton’s ranch instead.  Tony is famous for training horses but a tragic accident in his past has turned him into a recluse.  Can Sarah bring Tony out of his funk and find her voice as a writer?

22341255The opening chapter where Tony and Sarah meet had me laughing.  As someone who is directionally challenged even with a GPS, I totally related to Sarah getting lost. Of course, I usually don’t go hopping into a stranger’s shower when I get lost.

I loved how Sarah was a writer and how the reader was able to see some of that writing in the book. I wish Cardello had continued with this throughout the book so that we could see how Sarah developed as a writer.  I also thought it was great that Sarah wrote her stories out instead of typing them.

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Review: MINT JULEPS AND JUSTICE by Nancy Naigle

If you like small town romantic suspense, Nancy Naigle is the author for you. She is able to combine sweet love stories with unnerving suspense. The way she is able to write the points of view from the hero and heroine to the psychotic villains is astounding to me. Mint Juleps and Justice is the fifth book in her Adams Grove series. It can easily be read as a stand alone but will make you want to read all the other books once you start this one.

18318667Mint Juleps and Justice follows Mike and Brooke. They are both relatively new to Adams Grove trying to start over after some tragic events in their lives. Brooke turns to Mike’s investigative skills to help her deal with an ex-husband. Little did she know that the biggest adventure of her life would start. Nancy does a really good job at creating stories that you think will be predictable only to turn out anything but. When I started Mint Juleps and Justice I thought we would have a similar mystery to her previous books in trying to find out who the villain was going to be. Well, she gave those to us right away and didn’t hide it. That almost makes for more suspense since we knew they are lurking and are going to pounce at any minute.

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Review: PECAN PIE AND DEADLY LIES by Nancy Naigle

Small town romance and suspense sure comes with big time emotions in the latest Adams Grove novel. I have read all of Nancy Naigle’s Adams Grove books and so far Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies is my favorite. It’s all about Cody Tuggle and Kasey Phillips for me. I fell in love with both of these characters in Out of Focus, and even though they have another very tough situation going on in this story, there is a lot of hope for their future. Kasey is finally settling into life since husband’s death and the kidnapping of her son about a year ago and Cody is ready to settle down from life on the road as a country music star.

In Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies, Cody needs a place for he and his band to stay due to a cancelled concert. Cody did so much to help Kasey in the past she wants to do this for him and the band. The adventure begins from there. Not just between Cody and Kasey romantically, but someone ends up murdered with all fingers pointing towards Cody. Nancy’s stories are more mystery than suspense, so we find out who is murdered and then it’s all about finding out who did it.Throw in new (and old) romance, family, friends, groupies and agents you have a very captivating story.

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