If you like a clean small town romance with a bit of suspense, you really should try Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes by Nancy Naigle which was just released yesterday (July 9, 2013). While this is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone. I have never lived in a small southern town, but I can tell you if they are like Adams Grove, I would seriously consider moving there.

In Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes, we follow Connor and Carolanne’s story, but Nancy does a nice job of weaving several other plot lines and people into the story. They are all connected and the suspense in her books is more mystery where we follow all the strings and see where it all ends up.

The one thing that I can count on in Nancy’s books is a lot of heart. In this book, it isn’t the older ladies like Aunt Milly. It is Connor. He has a lot of heart and loves the town and the people in them dearly. He knows better than anyone that the time we have on Earth is precious and he isn’t about to waste any. I love his character and goes after what he wants.

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Review: DIE FOR ME by Cynthia Eden

Holy cow was this a good book! I mean, really, really good. I actually went into my house one night a little spooked and had my dog go with me through the rooms just to make sure no visitors were in the house waiting for me. I reviewed this book over at Fresh Fiction, so go check it out!


Review: SWEET TEA AND SECRETS by Nancy Naigle

Nancy Naigle writes some awesome southern, small town romantic suspense stories!  It is hard to put her books down since you can’t wait to find out who the culprit is!  This was a very sweet book. It was a clean, lovely, romance with suspense thrown in there. Nancy Nagile’s writing is very easy to follow and her characters are well developed and you just love them so much (well not the evil ones).

STSThe great thing about small town romances is that it’s about not only the two main characters but about all the family and friends in that town. I have never lived in a small town, but would love to experience a place like Adams Grove. I enjoyed the relationship that Jill had with Pearl. You could tell they had such a deep love for each other. It was heartbreaking when Jill lost Pearl but so great to see the people in town pick her up in their arms and take care of her. One of those people included Garrett, someone Jill left behind when she left Adams Grove a year before. Continue reading