Review: BROKEN by Annie Jocoby

In Broken by Annie Jocoby, Scotty James is a struggling grad student working on her Masters in architecture at Columbia University. When the new semester starts she can’t help but notice how attractive her new professor,  Nick O’Hara is. One night Nick comes into the bar where Scotty works and witnesses her dysfunctional family up close and personal. Nick decides to give Scotty a break and hires her as an intern at the firm he works at. It soon becomes clear that there is more between the two than just a professional relationship. Scotty has trust issues after years of being a foster child and Nick is nothing but a player. Will Nick give up his wild ways to be with Scotty?

downloadI felt so sorry for Scotty to begin with. The title of the book says it all. Scotty was dealt a horrible hand in life. But Scotty is also a fighter and that completely endeared her to me. She absolutely refuses to settle for just the minimum in life.Nick took a while to grow on me. I didn’t quite trust him to give up his wild ways  (and he was VERY wild). Once he decided Scotty was the woman for him,  he sat about winning her trust, which redeemed him in my eyes.

I have to mention Portia in my review because hate is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about that character. Portia works with Nick and has a crush on him. She sets out to make Scotty’s life miserable. If I could have reached through my Kindle and slapped Portia I would have.

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Review: MAYBE SOMEDAY by Colleen Hoover

In Maybe Someday, by Colleen Hoover, college student Sydney thinks she has a good life. She’s studying what she wants to instead of what her parents want her to, she has a nice apartment with her BFF, and a loving boyfriend. And now she has a new friend, a talented musician who loves to play guitar outside on his balcony where Sydney can hear him. On her 22nd birthday, Sydney learns that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her BFF. Devastated, Sydney has nowhere to go until Ridge, her new friend, steps in and offers her a place to live for free if she’ll help him write lyrics for his band. Their friendship quickly escalates into something so much more but Ridge has a girlfriend and Sydney doesn’t want to hurt the girlfriend like her friend did to her. Can Ridge and Sydney fight their attraction to each other or will it destroy their friendship?


I was struggling with a massive book hangover when I finally got my copy of this book in at the library. I devoured this book,curious as to how  thing were going to work out. I stayed up past my bed time and if I hadn’t had to work, I probably would have finished this in 2 days.

I was wondering how Hoover would put her own spin  on a classic love triangle. She had me dying in parts and sighing in admiration of Ridge ‘ s devotion to Maggie,  his girlfriend.  It was hard not to like Maggie but I wanted Sydney to be with Ridge. I loved how both characters fought their attraction to each other all in the name of protecting Maggie.  I was tempted several times to sneak a peak at the ending but forced myself not to.
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Review: UGLY LOVE by Colleen Hoover

In Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, Tate Collins has just gotten out of a relationship. She’s not looking for love but lust is okay.  When she meets her brother’s friend, Miles Archer,  their chemistry is undeniable. Miles and Tate agree to a no strings relationship that involves just sex and nothing else. At least that is what they keep telling themselves. Can they stick to their rule or will love find a way into their hearts?

I am not sure how to even start this review. It was such an emotional roller coaster. I actually peeked at the ending of the book about halfway through just to make sure that Miles and Tate got their HEA. I never ever do that when I am reading!

The thing about Miles Archer is that he knows love isn’t all rainbows,  hearts and sunshine. He has experienced the dark side of love. Love ripped his heart out, stomped on it, and drop kicked it to the curb. He simply doesn’t feel like he can love again or that he deserves to love again after what he endured.

Poor Tate. She tried so hard to follow his rules but she just couldn’t do it. She needed to be his friend, confident, and lover like she needs air to breathe.  Every time Miles threw up a road block, Tate found a way around it and kept coming back for more.

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Review: STRIPPED by Jasinda Wilder

In Stripped by Jasinda Wilder, Grey Amundsen grew up in Macon, Georgia as the sheltered daughter of a Baptist preacher. During high school, Grey takes a class on film and decides she wants to make films for a living despite her father’s objections.  When her mother passes away from cancer, Grey looses not only her faith but her father as well. Ignoring his commands to stay, Grey heads to LA, where she has been accepted as a film major at the University of Southern California, but the expensive school quickly eats away at her financial aid.

Grey is forced to make a decision: take the only job she can find as a stripper or crawl back to Georgia admitting defeat.  Grey chooses to become a stripper, despite how much she loathes it. While stripping one night, Grey meets the Dawson Kellor, who has been cast as Rhett Butler in a remake of Gone with the Wind, a film Grey happens to be an intern on. Dawson wants Grey in his life but Grey doesn’t want to jeopardize her internship and she has no idea what it’s like to date a star.

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Review: BECAUSE OF LOW by Abbi Glines

In Because of Low by Abbi Glines, Marcus Hardy has returned to Sea Breeze after an unexpected family crisis develops. He becomes roommates with Cage York, a notorious player, who also happens to be BFFs with the beautiful homeless Willow Foster.  Marcus is smitten from the moment he meets Low. Despite objections from Cage, Marcus and Low begin dating. But a horrible secret could tear them apart.

I am so glad I stuck with this series!! The first book was just meh and I hesitated to read more. Several people encouraged me to stick with it and read the next one. This book is vastly different than the first book and so much better.

Glines takes the classic rich boy meets poor girl that predominates romance these days and gives it a real life spin. The family problems that both characters experience could happen in anyone’s life. Low’s lack of a permanent home is also all too real. The way the characters handle the problems though is what makes the book so good. Both characters react in very realistic ways.

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