Review: ENEMIES OF THE HEART by Andy Stanley

Another Bible Study I completed with a group of ladies from my church was Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley. I really enjoyed this book and I can already tell I am going to read it more than once as a reminder.

9519065The writing was easy and witty (sometimes nonfiction can be dry to me) and I thought the videos that went along with the book were great. They really drove the points home.

Each chapter touched on a different “enemy” of our hearts and why we think the way we do. Andy talked about how they are heart issues and we need to change our hearts to change the emotion. This is hard to do. However, with God, nothing is impossible. I took a lot away with this book and I anticipate that each time I read it, something else will be revealed. I highly recommend it to anyone.


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Review: ME, MYSELF, & LIES: A Thought-Closet Makeover by Jennifer Rothschild

Me, Myself & Lies: A Thought-Closet Makeover by Jennifer Rothschild proved to be a good Bible Study. I don’t read a lot of nonfiction, so those that I do tend to be in a Bible Study setting with a group of other ladies and we tend to use the workbooks for practical application.

6443253I can’t say that it was my favorite study to date, but it was a good one. Jennifer’s writing was very easy to follow and her examples and questions did not take a lot of thought – meaning it was not difficult to comprehend. The book was organized well and easy to follow along, made a lot of sense and was very relative.

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I just finished another Bible Study with some women from my local church. We read and studied No Other Gods – Confronting Our Modern Day Idols by Kelly Minter. What a great study! The writing was so easy and engaging. Kelly added commentary of situations in her own life that allowed you to get to know her and made the book more personal than a typical Bible Study. She also included recipes at the end of each week, so if you were able to study this book with some friends in your home, you could make those recipes and break bread with others.

NOGI learned a lot about myself during this time and what I consider as my modern day idols. The daily lessons were very easy to get through but not light or fluffy at all.  Like any Bible study you get out what you put in. There were some very deep days where I learned a lot about myself and what God might just have planned for my life. If you take the time to focus on each lesson you come away with so much. I enjoyed the Biblical references and the versus that Kelly chose to include in the study. They were relevant and the way she talked about them brought new meaning to me.

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Review: ONE MONTH TO LIVE by Kerry & Chris Shook

I read One Month to Live as part of a Women’s Bible Study I was involved with at church. As far as Bible study books go, I really, really liked it, but it is a book you can easily read on your own.


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Review: HIS Story: Get to Know Jesus Like You’ve Never Known Him Before by Matt Myers and Roger Storms

This is a really, really good way to read about the life of Jesus. It is great for new Christians and those that just want to hear Jesus’ story in a different format.

  • Title: HIS Story: Get to Know Jesus Liek You’ve Never Known Him Before
  • Author: Matt Myers and Roger Storms
  • Publisher: HIS Story LLC
  • Release Date: May 10, 2012
  • Category: Nonfiction Christian
  • Source: Purchased from Barnes & Noble
  • Buy: Amazon / Barnes & Noble 

Official Summary:

In HIS Story we have attempted to present the story of Jesus as recorded by His closest friends, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, in a new way. It is an exciting alternative to the traditional first four books of the New Testament, which are called “the Gospels.” It allows you to follow the story of Jesus in its own words, yet it is written as a simple, seamless account. Our goal is simple. When you read this, our hope and prayer is: “You will know Jesus like you’ve never known Him before.”

So Many Reads Review:

This was an excellent way to read and understand the life of Jesus.  It is written in a story-like way, chronologically, with additional commentary that ties it all together.  There are scripture references should you want to look up the specific scripture. It also includes timelines and maps to help you pull everything together for an easy picture of what Jesus’ life was like from His Birth to His Resurrection. I learned a lot of things in this story that I may have missed in other studies, mainly because I was reading it as a story, not to study individual scripture. I highly recommend HIS Story to anyone that would like to learn about the life of Jesus in a format that is easy to understand and hard to put down even if you know the story.