Review: FLASHFIRE by Deborah Cooke

In Flashfire by Deborah Cooke, famous illusionist Lorenzo has been denying his true nature for centuries. Born a dragon, Lorenzo turned his back on the Pyr and instead concentrated on caring for his father. Then one night during a performance at his show in Las Vegas, his firestorm ignites and much to his surprise, his mate is paparazzi photographer, Cassie Redmond. Despite what should have been a one night stand to satisfy the firestorm, Lorenzo and Cassie can’t stay away from each other. Lorenzo has a huge spectacle planned to fake his death and he wants Cassie to join him in his new life. As the evil Slayers descend on Las Vegas and threaten Cassie, Lorenzo must tap into his dragon side and defend his mate. Will Lorenzo finally join the Pyr? Will Cassie join Lorenzo in his new life?

Like all of the dragons in this series, Lorenzo is 100% pure alpha male. Lorenzo controls his life with an iron fist and his firestorm igniting is nothing more than a distraction. Once he spends more time with Cassie and slowly falls for her, he is determined to protect her no matter what.

Cassie is a huge skeptic. She doubts that Lorenzo is a dragon even when she sees him transform with her own eyes. Cassie questions everything, including their relationship. Eventually she is persuaded by Lorenzo that what they have is real.

Flashfire is the seventh book in the Dragon Fire Series (not a standalone read!). Cooke has done a fantastic job of creating a paranormal world that remains fresh and stands out in the shape shifting genre. Her unique plot lines and interesting characters make this series a must read for any PNR fan.

Title: Flashfire

Author: Deborah Cooke

Category: Paranormal Romance

Source: Checked out from library

Review: ON THE PROWL by Cynthia Eden

On the Prowl by Cynthia Eden is a fantastic paranormal romance that lured me in like prey, hypnotized me with her dark sexy shifters, gutted me with the deeply raw emotional plot but allowed me to make it out alive with my heart in tact after the unbelievable action scenes.

30839780In On the Prowl, we follow Julian (panther shifter) and Rose (vampire). Lots of deals are made with the Lord of the Dark and the Lord of the Light, and more paranormals are introduced. Just when I think I am aware of all types of paranormal creatures in stories, Eden throws in another one. I am not going to share the one we meet in this story here, but it’s crazy cool. Or evil. I can’t decide.

Eden knows how to write tortured souls. You can’t help but fall in love with them even when they don’t see the good in themselves. Rose saw the good in Julian even though he constantly tried to prove her wrong. He saw Rose’s true heart and not what she was told she would become. It saves them both at the end. It was such fun to follow Julian and Rose on their windy road of a romance and finally get it right.

If you are looking for a paranormal romance that will suck you in from the beginning and not let you go until the vampire is finished with you, give On the Prowl a read.

Reviewed by Amy

(Amy purchased this book from Barnes & Noble.)

Review: HER FIERY VIKING by A.J. Tipton

In Her Fiery Viking by A.J. Tipton, Mike is an ancient Viking who was cursed not only with immortality but also with an out of control temper that has him literally erupting into flames if he is provoked. Joanna is a structural engineer with a huge anger management problem. Ever since her sister died, Joanna’s temper has been out of control, costing her jobs and landing her in court. Taking a job at Mike’s demolition company will bring in some much needed cash but on the first day, Joanna gets into a very heated argument with several of her new coworkers.  Her boss gives her an ultimatum: get her temper under control or she won’t have a job. Joanna seeks solace at an anger management support group and is surprised to find her sexy new coworker Mike there. Will Joanna and Mike act on their attraction? Can Joanna get her temper under control and save her job?

23214922Holy cow! This book might not be long but it packs a huge punch. From the opening scene until the last paragraph I was sucked into this world and honestly wished this book was a lot longer.

The chemistry between Joanna and Mike is intense from the get go. I could picture in my head sparks shooting between them when they first met. The bedroom scenes are downright combustible.

The background story of Joanna and Mike’s past was so sad to read about. Both had experienced horrible tragedies and both were dealing with the consequences of their anger.  Hopefully now that they have found each other they will both get some much deserved peace.

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Review: FINDING ABIGAIL by Carrie Ann Ryan

In Finding Abigail by Carrie Ann Ryan, Tyler Cooper is the town sheriff of Holiday, Montana and he’s also a cupid. Yes, that kind of cupid. Tyler has known since he was a kid that it was his destiny to become one and now that destiny has been fulfilled. His bow and arrows come with a warning: only his true love can see them and he shouldn’t prick himself with the arrows or he’ll become obsessed with finding his true love. When Abigail Clarke comes to say goodbye to him since she is leaving town, two things happen. One, Abigail sees the arrows and two, Tyler accidentally pricks himself.  Now Tyler is trying to convince Abigail not only that he loves her but that she shouldn’t move away. At the same time a dark force has arrived in Holiday and it will stop at nothing to deny Tyler his happiness. Can Tyler defeat the evil Aeneas and convince Abigail to stay?

16033880I originally downloaded this book to my Kindle in July 2015 and it’s been languishing in my TBR pile. As part of the #forgottenbookchallenge, I am trying to read more and one click less. If you are interested in this challenge, search for the group on Facebook. Anyone is welcome to join!

I thought I was going to be really annoyed with Abigail when I first started reading this. She seemed like such a doormat and her reason for moving away was because she didn’t have a man. As the story progressed though, the author really developed Abigail. She had given everything to the town, volunteering at every event and getting nothing in return  (not even a thank you!). She was also completely ignored by Tyler unless he needed something. Abigail had been in love with him for years and his rejection hurt the most.

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Review: BLOOD KISS by J.R. Ward

In Blood Kiss by J.R. Ward, Paradise, the only daughter of Abalone, adviser to King Wrath, is tired of being the dutiful daughter. She’s tired of the restrictions placed on her by the glymera. When Paradise learns the Black Dagger Brotherhood is opening up it’s training to anyone, she puts in her application and is shocked when she is admitted to the program. She’s pleased to see Craeg, a commoner who she met as a secretary to her father, was also accepted to the program. As the two begin the grueling training to become part of the Brotherhood, they realize that the attraction they feel for each other is more than just physical. Can Paradise convince Craeg that he is good enough for her? Can they survive the training to join the Brotherhood?

24903031The original Brothers are back!!!! The sarcasm and friendship that made me fall in love with the BDB series are all in this book. I still love the original series but something has been lacking. This book has what the main series has been missing.

Paradise is a wonderful addition to the world of the BDB. Just like the other females in this series, she is a strong, well developed character that isn’t going to wait for a male to rescue her. Paradise knows what she wants in life and she goes for it.

The subplot in this book revolves around Butch and Marissa. Marissa finds a severely beaten female at Safe Place but the vampire dies before she can tell Marissa who she is. With Butch’s help, Marissa sets out to find out what happened to this female. Unfortunately, the whole ordeal drags up memories of Butch’s sister and even his time as a homicide detective. It was refreshing to see Marissa and Butch not only hit a rough spot in their relationship but for Butch not to place Marissa on a pedestal and ignore it like he has in the past.

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