Review: THE FIVE STAGES OF FALLING IN LOVE by Rachel Higginson

Only took five minutes to fall in love with this book…

To say I was emotionally wrought after reading The Five Stages of Falling in Love by Rachel Higginson would be an understatement as I think the Prologue was all it took. So yes, this is a “Box of Kleenex” kind of read. Beyond the sadness lies, in my mind, four beautiful stories of love. Sure you may be scratching your head..four? Yes. Two of the love stories are what you would expect while the other two are more of an undercurrent in the story that brought out my emotions as well and deserve to be mentioned.

18394368Elizabeth Carlson is the remarkable heroine in this story and I absolutely loved her because she is so real. The emotions, her actions, even when she was doing something that may have been rude or annoying, were genuine, and I loved it. As Elizabeth deals with her grief, we are introduced to the first love story…the love of a lifetime. Something so amazingly beautiful and bright this love was like fireworks to Lizbeth. Unfortunately, the splendor of a fireworks show is limited. Eventually all that brightness fades to black and you can never get that exact moment back. Grady was all of this to Elizabeth and more. He was an amazing father, provider and brother but his life was cut short and Elizabeth is trying to survive her grief.

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Review: DESIGNED FOR LOVE by Kelsey Browning

Designed For Love is the fourth story in Kelsey Browning’s Texas Nights Series and I am excited we get more of Ashton. She was the rich society girl from Houston who tried to sue Roxanne in the second book of the series. By the end of the book, she was redeemed in my eyes and was looking forward to her book. Honestly, I had a harder time remembering Mac, the hero in this story. He is the complete opposite of the old Ashton. In addition, he has some issues with the past that he is still dealing with and working on the Lily Lake project is only a step back in the direction to his life and work in Dallas.

Ashton knows Mac is not gonna be around but she can’t fight the attraction to Mac and honestly her forward behavior was unexpected. There was good chemistry between the two and I really enjoyed the build up for this couple and their relationship both in and out of the bed, or should I say hammock. What I wasn’t expecting was the comedic nature of this book. Definitely coming across more as a romantic comedy than an angst driven story, this fourth book was refreshing.

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Review: FINDING HOME by Roxanne Snopek

Finding Home by Roxanne Snopek, is a second chance love story based in small town setting. Samara has always had a challenging life. With moving so much as a kid, she never was able to set down roots. The one time it really mattered, when she was falling in love with Logan, she was ripped away again without even a chance at goodbye. Now sixteen years later she has come back to that same small town, this time hoping to help her daughter Jade have some stability in her life after the death of her father, Samara’s husband. Sam never thought she would meet back up again with Logan, and by no means did she expect him to be the one in charge of the renovation of the house she is buying.

23204078Logan can’t believe Samara has walked back in to his life. From the moment he sees her, all his old feelings come rushing back and there is nothing he won’t do for her. I loved Logan in this story. He really knew he still cared for Sam and he wasn’t shy about letting her know. Sam on the other hand was really tentative but with time she too found it impossible to ignore the attraction that still simmered after all these years.

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Review: WORTH THE FALL by Claudia Connor

Let me just say “WOW”. Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor was really great and I enjoyed everything about it. This is Connor’s first book in the McKinney Brothers series. While reading Matt and Abby’s story, I really thought this was the second or third book in the series as Matt has a large family and a few of his brothers are already married. Regardless, it reads well as a stand alone and it is easy to keep up with not only all the members of Matt’s family but also all of Abby’s kids.

Yes, you heard me right. This story is about a sexy SEAL who falls for a beautiful mother of four, and yep, she is pregnant with her fifth. Her husband, who sounds like a total loser, died six months prior.

Abby was an amazing heroine. She had been through so much in her life but it is not that over the top craziness that occurs in some books. Abby does understand loss and heartache and she is determined to not let anyone leave her again. Her kids are absolutely amazing. I loved Gracie and Jack. On top of them, she does have an awesome best friend, Angie.

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Review & Giveaway: THE REAL THING by Cassie Mae

The Real Thing by Cassie Mae is one of the most realistic books I have read lately. Mia Johnson is going to spend the summer with her best friend Eric Matua. Eric has been in Samoa for the past 3 years and Mia is glad she is going to finally be able to see him. Not only was he her best friend but she also has crushed on him since high school.

Eric, having dealt with esteem issues and a bad relationship has no idea how to handle his attraction to Mia when he sees her again. There are issues from his past that he needs to deal with before they can go forward, but for Mia it will be worth the try.

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