Review & Giveaway: KEEPING MR. RIGHT NOW by Robin Bielman

I tend to be a fan of Robin Bielman’s writing so I couldn’t wait to read Keeping Mr. Right Now. Sophie is an amazing young lady with intelligence, a job she loves, and a total lack of self confidence. Presented with a wonderful opportunity, Sophie sets out from Montana to California working as the event coordinator for a surf inspired film festival. Like every other woman, Sophie is blown away by Zane, the sexy surfer with a reputation as a bad boy and lady’s man. Needing to spruce up his image to pursue a position with SHE, Sophie fits the bill perfectly to keep him out of trouble.

Great things happen when the two interact. Sophie builds confidence and gains even more experience for her job. Zane realizes he is better than the negative self image his father left him with. But despite the growing feelings, the question lies whether the two can have something together.

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Review: PROBLEMS IN PARADISE by Kelsey Browning

Problems in Paradise is the third book in Kelsey Browning’s Texas Nights series. For readers of the series, all the favorites will come back in this book, but the focus is on Eden Durant and Beck Childress. Eden is the owner of Paradise Garden and Beck is the Deputy. 

Problems In Paradise Cover - SmallerEden has a secret past she has not shared with anyone. Beck is interested in running for sheriff. The two have been wanting each other for awhile and they are finally going for it. The problem is the timing. Eden worries her past will be a problem for Beck. Not only that but Eden is running into problems with her restaurant, and that too is causing issues for Beck. So many crazy things keep coming up to ruin things for this couple but despite this the two get their HEA by the end.
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Review: TAMING HIS TUTOR by Natalie Anderson

Imagine how awful it would feel to be dumped by your boyfriend of one year due to a lackluster bedroom performance. Compound that by getting a similar reaction after a one night stand intended to redeem oneself. Well that is Abbi’s life in a nutshell in Taming His Tutor by Natalie Anderson. Determined to never have complaints again, this curvy IT guru is going to create an app to help herself and women just like her. Her goal is to become a vixen.

When a chance encounter puts her back in the presence of the hot ex-NBA all star Joe Fuller, Abbi decides to let Joe help her with her research. Abby had once tutored Joe in high school and crushed on him big time. But Abbi, with her braces and a body she wasn’t ready to embrace felt she was out of Joe’s league. Little did she know he was intrigued by her then and he most definitely is intrigued to help her out now.
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Review: TAMING THE COUNTRY STAR by Margo Bond Collins

I really should know better by now. Novellas are short and you can read them quickly. The problem for me is when the author does such a good job grabbing you, making you eager to know what happens next, that I often am not ready for the story to be over when it is. Well, Margo Bond Collins does a great job telling the story of Cole Greyson, country star and Kylie Andrews, owner of a little Fort Worth store in Taming the Country Star.

Cole and Kylie met over one year ago in Mexico. Cole was trying to get away from it all and Kylie was on what was to be her honeymoon. The two shared a great time together but Kylie was blindsided when she learned Cole’s true identity, and it wasn’t from him.

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5 Intoxicating Stars

Intoxicating Passion The Box Set by Felicia Tatum was such a moving story. Initially released as novelettes this is the box set compilation of them all. Korah is just a shadow of the person she could be as she struggles to get past her previous abusive relationship. Dane is your typical alpha male stud who has a new girl in his bed every night. Some may think he is simply a player but Dane has his own history and his own demons starting from early childhood and embedding further during high school. But his player lifestyle is thrown after a chance encounter in a costume shop. 

Korah and Dane definitely have their challenges due to their pasts but they work through them to get to a point neither of them believed they would ever get to. Their story was sexy, sad and supported by wonderful best friends. Their journey from uncertainty to a happily ever after was absolutely wonderful!!!

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