Review: THE FIVE STAGES OF FALLING IN LOVE by Rachel Higginson

Only took five minutes to fall in love with this book…

To say I was emotionally wrought after reading The Five Stages of Falling in Love by Rachel Higginson would be an understatement as I think the Prologue was all it took. So yes, this is a “Box of Kleenex” kind of read. Beyond the sadness lies, in my mind, four beautiful stories of love. Sure you may be scratching your head..four? Yes. Two of the love stories are what you would expect while the other two are more of an undercurrent in the story that brought out my emotions as well and deserve to be mentioned.

18394368Elizabeth Carlson is the remarkable heroine in this story and I absolutely loved her because she is so real. The emotions, her actions, even when she was doing something that may have been rude or annoying, were genuine, and I loved it. As Elizabeth deals with her grief, we are introduced to the first love story…the love of a lifetime. Something so amazingly beautiful and bright this love was like fireworks to Lizbeth. Unfortunately, the splendor of a fireworks show is limited. Eventually all that brightness fades to black and you can never get that exact moment back. Grady was all of this to Elizabeth and more. He was an amazing father, provider and brother but his life was cut short and Elizabeth is trying to survive her grief.

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