Review: RACE TO KILL by Rachel Kall

I enjoyed Race to Kill by Rachel Kall as it has a good balance of suspense, intrigue and romance.  The main characters, Vivian and Marcus, are believable and likable in the relationship they forge.  Although I am pretty good at figuring out “who done it” in most books, I have to say this ending surprised me.  I was kept guessing right up to the end.  The only concern I had when reading the book was that because it flashed between the main characters and the killer I sometimes was confused by who was talking.  It would have helped to have had some kind of transition that alerted the reader to which character was speaking.

RTKHowever, I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense and especially like stories about murder and mayhem.  Vivian, the presidential candidate media specialist, seems to handle the press well even under conditions where her life is threatened.  Marcus, her body guard who has an agenda of his own, is a tough, strong hero figure and yet someone who still manages to be human in light of his former Delta Force training. Together they search for the truth in spite of the threats to their lives.  It is what we look for in a romance many would aspire to.

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