Review: JUST SAY MAYBE by Tracy March

Just Say Maybe by Tracy March is a sweet romance. I love March’s books, whether they are contemporary romance or romantic suspense. I just adore her writing so I was all in on this book before I even read the blurb! If you are looking for a book that will provide you with a solid romantic story, a touch of a mystery and a feeling of homecoming with the town of Thistle Bend, this is the story for you.

26067193Holly is a real estate lawyer in her home town of Thistle Bend and Bryce is from out of town who wants to purchase a rundown lodge that has done nothing but cause grief for the community. The town was against him from the beginning but Holly was willing to give him a try not only professionally but personally.

I so loved the way Bryce and Holly meet for the first and second time. It was priceless. It sets up their relationship journey nicely. Each of them are characters that you just like from the beginning. They are independent, confident and established in their lives. Their relationship is playful and fun and realistic. Bryce and Holly have both gotten out of bad relationships so there are some doubts, but they are understandable. The romance was slow and steady – one you would picture in real life. They have so much in common I wanted them together from the start. March weaves the romance into the story very well.

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Review: PRINCE LESTAT by Anne Rice

In Prince Lestat by Anne Rice, Something is killing off the vampire population. A Voice is commanding older vampires to burn the young ones with the Fire Gift.  The vampire population is in total chaos. They are begging someone,  anyone,  to lead them and stop the burnings.  The older vampires are gathering in New York and looking to Lestat, the Brat Prince to lead them. Lestat doesn’t want to lead though.  He is comfortable in his isolation,  but when the Voice attacks someone close to him, Lestat takes the leadership reins. Can Lestat save the vampires before it’s too late?

Cover_PrinceLestat_LrgIn 1994, a bunch of friends and myself decided to go to the movies. We ended up seeing Interview with a Vampire. I had never heard of Anne Rice until I was sitting in that theater.  Like any good bookworm, I went and bought the book and became hooked on paranormal and vampires.  If it hadn’t been for Rice,  I probably never would have started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, and others in the paranormal genre.

In 2014 when Rice announced on her Facebook page that there would be another Vampire Chronicles book, I was excited. Then I saw the announcement that it was to be about Lestat! I intentionally held off reading the book until I knew I could have time to enjoy it.

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Review & Giveaway: THE REAL THING by Cassie Mae

The Real Thing by Cassie Mae is one of the most realistic books I have read lately. Mia Johnson is going to spend the summer with her best friend Eric Matua. Eric has been in Samoa for the past 3 years and Mia is glad she is going to finally be able to see him. Not only was he her best friend but she also has crushed on him since high school.

Eric, having dealt with esteem issues and a bad relationship has no idea how to handle his attraction to Mia when he sees her again. There are issues from his past that he needs to deal with before they can go forward, but for Mia it will be worth the try.

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Review: KISS OF MIDNIGHT by Lara Adrian

Okay, so I am hooked. After reading A Touch of Midnight and now Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian, I am hooked on The Midnight Breed Series. I don’t read paranormal often, but am glad I found this series to fuel me in between the other romance genres I read when I am looking for a little vampire action.

kombigKiss of Midnight is the first full length story in The Midnight Breed Series and features Lucan and Gabrielle. It also lays the foundation for all the world building for the series within this vampire nation. The Breed Warriors are at war with the Rogue Vampires. Good versus evil.

Lucan, the leader of the Breed Warriors is strong, respected and carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He has a lot of demons to fight and doesn’t ask for help with any of them. He sees himself as the leader that needs to watch over and protect his kind – not the other way around. When human Gabrielle crosses his path, all bets are off. He is drawn to her and finds her frustratingly comforting.

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Review: THIRD DEGREE by Julie Cross

In Third Degree by Julie Cross, Isabel Jenkins struggles during her surgical internship, not because she is inept, or because she is sleeping with and at odds with another intern. It is because she is too much of a genious, lacks interpersonal relationship skills, and oh yeah, she is only eighteen. As a prodigy, she was on the fast track to success until she is totally derailed by failing her psychologic evaluation. Attempting to find some semblance of normalcy for a teenager, she re-enrolls in a different college and meets Marshall.

18590125Marshall is the totally hot RA who has taken an immediate interest in Izzy. Izzy is initially put off that Marshall knows her history but she cannot deny her attraction to him. Marshall wants to help Izzy assimilate into college life and Izzy decides to go for it. We learn along the way that Marshall has his own secrets, but that is partly what helps solidify their relationship. Unfortunately, when as Lizzy starts to care more for Marshall she also learns that there is more to dealing with patients then just figuring out their disease. The revelation rocks Izzy and she gets confused by what she wants. A life in Medicine? A life with Marshall? Does she have to sacrifice one for the other?

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