Review: WHILE YOU’RE AWAY PART I by Jessa Holbrook

Paulette reviews While You’re Away Part I by Jessa Holbrook:

Ok I should have known better since I went into this book knowing it was a serialized novel, however I still wound up being disappointed as this first part just seemed way too short. Now with that being said this book has all the makings for a good novel. There is the typical bad boy, Will, that is gorgeous, everyone wants, and apparently most girls have had some interaction with. Sarah is the introverted girl in a band that must apparently be hot enough for Will to take notice. And to add the twist, they both are already in relationships with near perfect people.

wyap1So why do Sarah and Will end up together, I really don’t know. Sarah obviously is a little fed up with her boyfriend Dave’s flirtatious behavior after their performances and can’t deny her attraction to Will. What I don’t get is what Will is doing going after Sarah. We don’t get the insight as to why this happens or why he is pursuing Sarah. ┬áMaybe that will come out in the other parts.

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