Review & Giveaway: LOVE ME NOT by Reese Ryan

Love Me Not is my first Reese Ryan book and it won’t be my last! Reese tackles some very tough issues in Love Me Not. I thought I was getting into a light, fun, contemporary romance and while it was at times, it was also got pretty hard. I wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to bring some closure to everything going on with the characters by the end of the book, but she manages to do it!

love me notIn Love Me Not, which is the second book in The Bad Boys Gone Good Series, we follow Jamie Charles and Miles Copeland. Jamie is a very complex character. I loved her and disliked her all at the same time. While there were times that I thought she was just plain old mean, later I figured out why she did what she did. We are going through the motions with Jamie. Even though the book is not in first person point of view, we pretty much follow Jamie’s story with bits and pieces from Miles. Jamie has had a rough life and her self esteem is at its lowest while her anger is at its highest. It takes one patient man with his own demons to help Jamie break out of her box she has placed herself.

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