Review: FACING FIRE by HelenKay Dimon

Title: Facing Fire (Bad Boys Undercover, #3)

Author: HelenKay Dimon

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Barnes & Noble

Reviewed by Amy

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Facing Fire by HelenKay Dimon is a fast paced, action packed romantic suspense. It follows Josiah from the Alliance and Sutton, a PI who stumbles across the Alliance while going after the same target as the group – Benton. He is an evil son of a gun and one that I despised more than most villains in the books I read.  Josiah and Sutton’s romance is back and forth but so dynamic due to the undeniable chemistry. It was quite a rush of a book. I was a bit tired after reading it.

If you have read any of Dimon’s other books in the series, you know the Alliance is a tight knit group backing one another up. In Facing Fire we see that so clearly with Sutton being tossed into the mix. I love watching a group of people stand together and fight evil. That’s what this team does. They sacrifice so much to protect so many.

Josiah is an interesting character. He has so much angst in him that it came off the pages while I was reading and was almost a bit too much at times, but then I can’t imagine going through what he has. Sutton is the perfect partner for him. She pushes him when he needs it, let’s him be when he needs some alone time and wants him for exactly who he is. She isn’t asking him to change. He need that strong companion. Dimon did a very nice job with their romance as well.

There are a lot of surprises in Facing Fire for the characters which adds to the excitement of the book. While we get Benton’s point of view, we don’t get the whole picture so we are just as surprised as the characters. Normally I am not a fan of the antagonist’s point of view, but Dimon does just enough in Facing Fire to show Benton’s crazy. Dimon does a fabulous job with the ending to the story as well. I was quite pleased!

If you like romantic suspense, give Facing Fire a read. While it is part of a series, each book is connected by characters while they each have their own plot. It’s a great story!

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Review: THE PRETENDER by HelenKay Dimon

Whew! The Pretender by HelenKay Dimon is a fantastic romantic suspense / mystery in the Games People Play Series. I was sucked in from the beginning and could not put it down until I knew who was the guilty. My emotions were all over the place with this one. I love that we get to follow the clues along with the characters in this story.  Along with the murder mystery, The Pretender follows the romance of Harris and Gabby. Two very flawed characters looking to fit somewhere and with someone even if they don’t realize it.

The pace of the story was spot on and I found myself hanging on to each word. I felt like I couldn’t read it fast enough yet I had to go slow enough so I didn’t miss anything. Harris and friend Damon come to Tabitha Island to keep the heat off Gabby, who is falsely being accused of killing her sister by her uncle. Of course, they come in undercover sort of. Sparks fly between Gabby and Harris in a primal, physical way and eventually in an emotional way. They take a different path to love then a lot of people. The intimate scenes are smoking hot! Dimon does a fantastic job with the show of those scenes.

As with any series, I adore characters from past books and Wren (from The Fixer) is always a presence in any of the books in the series. The scene near the beginning with Wren, Emery, and Harris was fantastic. It shows so much of each of their personalities. Just perfect. I was glad to be introduced to Damon, another Quint Five member, and hope to read a book about him in the future.

If you are looking for a romantic suspense and/or mystery book that will catch you from the very first page and won’t let you stop thinking about the characters until after you finish the book, give The Pretender a read. While it is part of a series, each book can be read as a stand alone with its own plot.

Title: The Pretender (Games People Play, #3)

Author: HelenKay Dimon

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Barnes & Noble


Review: THE NEGOTIATOR by HelenKay Dimon

The Negotiator by HelenKay Dimon was everything I expected and more! For those that have read the other books in the Games People Play series, this one features Garrett and Lauren. We have followed Garrett in The Fixer and The Enforcer where he stole many of the scenes! His snarky and sarcastic personality was a little softer in The Negotiator. That has a lot to do with Lauren and the circumstances surrounding her.

Dimon had me sucked into the story from the very first page and I couldn’t put it down until the very end. Even in such a short story, the mystery had time to develop and we had the chance to watch a romance unfold and fall in love with the characters. The chemistry between Garrett and Lauren is intense once they act on it! Lauren is the perfect match for Garrett. She challenges him because she is quite strong and independent herself. I hope we get glimpses of them through future stories.

I enjoyed the roles that Matthias and Kayla from The Enforcer played in this story. Garrett and Matthias are quite entertaining together and with Kayla and Lauren being best friends it made sense to see them as much as we did. If you are looking for a murder mystery story set around the holidays with an amazing romance, give The Negotiator a read!

Title: The Negotiator (Games People Play, #2.5)

Author: HelenKay Dimon

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Barnes & Noble


Review: DEADLY HOLIDAY by Misty Evans

In Deadly Holiday by Misty Evans and Amy Manemann, Cooper and Celina just want to spend an evening celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately a drug cartel leader happens to get in the way of that. Luckily the Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce (aka The Avengers) are ready to save the day as always.

I have loved Cooper and Celina since the first story in the SCVC Taskforce series, Deadly Pursuit. It’s so much fun to read about them in later books. Evans and Manemann write an entertaining novella that packs quite a bit of action into such a short story! Sprinkled throughout are the sexy looks and quips and sweet baby giggles that will warm your heart!

Evans and Manemann are able to show the love between Cooper and Celina in the way they work together and respond to each other. It’s a love that has matured over time which is great to see. The ending of the story is just perfect, too!

If you are looking for a holiday novella with a bit of suspense, give Deadly Holiday a read!

Title: Deadly Holiday (SCVC Taskforce)

Authors: Misty Evans and Amy Manemann

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Barnes & Noble



Review: FULL THROTTLE by Julie Ann Walker

Are you ready for an adventure that takes you to the Malaysian jungle with the president’s daughter, a few terrorists, and an ex Army Ranger? That is where you will find yourself in Full Throttle by Julie Ann Walker, another book in her Black Knights, Inc series! If you haven’t read this series, I encourage you to do so. While each book has it’s own plot there are characters and an ongoing plot that runs through each book, so reading from beginning to end is best.

President Thompson’s daughter, Abby, is kidnapped. Secret Service agents are down. It’s Carlos and the BKI boys to the rescue! Carlos and Abby have been friends for almost a decade but haven’t been in touch for many of those years. Yet, when they reconnect, it’s as if they never had that break in time. The chemistry between them as friends amazing. Their big love scene was absolutely off the charts hot. There is just so much respect for one another that it is the whole package.

Walker pens another fantastic romantic suspense story that is unique and individual to the characters in Full Throttle. As with other books in the series, we also get a side romance story with another couple. Dan from BKI and Penni, a Secret Service Agent hit it off from the beginning. That big question with them is whether Dan can overcome the pain of losing his wife a few years back and open his heart up to love Penni. We’ll find out in Too Hard To Handle.

We are introduced to the SEAL team that is part of the Deep Six series in this book which makes me even more excited about another series of Walker’s. If you are looking for a story that will give you action, love, brothers-in-arms, bad guys, and heroes, give Full Throttle a read.

Title: Full Throttle (BKI, #7)

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Borrowed from Library

Review: DIGITAL VELOCITY by Reily Garrett

In Digital Velocity by Reily Garrett, expert hacker Lexi Donovan is a pro at living off the grid. When a friend of hers becomes the target of a psychopath, Lexi takes a huge risk and sends an anonymous message to Detective Ethan McAllister. Ethan is shot in the line of duty while investigating her tip, which makes Lexi feel guilty and she contacts him in person. Together the two begin to track down a serial killer who likes to broadcast his murders on the Internet. As they start to close in on the killer, the unknown criminal turns his sights on Lexi. Will Ethan be able to protect her from this mad man?

If you are looking for a book with a little bit of everything, Digital Velocity is it. This fast paced thriller has action, romance, and mystery. Garrett does an excellent job of blending all three elements into a gripping story that had me hooked from the first chapter. I loved watching Lexi and Ethan find their way to an HEA. These two were some hard headed individuals, who made a valiant effort in fighting the inevitable. Once they finally got together, there was no going back.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was the mystery. Garrett does a fantastic job of making you think certain characters are the killer. It is all smoke and mirrors though because the actual killer shocked me.

Digital Velocity is the first book in the McAllister Justice series by Reilly Garrett. This intense and well written book leads readers on a dark journey in hunting down a serial killer. If you enjoy edgier romantic suspense, this book would be a good read for you.

Title: Digital Velocity

Author: Reily Garrett

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Copy provided by author

Review: HOT PURSUIT by Julie Ann Walker

Julie Ann Walker has done it again. Each new Black Knights Inc book I read I love it a little more than the last one. While I once was annoyed by Emily and Christian in a previous book, I absolutely loved them in Hot Pursuit. In this book, we find Emily, Christian, Ace, Rusty, and Angel trying to get the heck out of England when a piece of Christian’s past comes back to make life difficult for the team. As with all of the BKI books, this one is filled with suspense, intense emotions, new romance, and a whole lot of passion.

From the witty banter between the characters, the hilarious internal monologues and the fresh and current voice that Walker offers, Hot Pursuit is a fun book from start to finish and had me furiously flipping pages and hanging on each word. She keeps the reader wanting to read just one more page but before you know it you are at the end! This story is the one that keeps you from sleep, housework, and other aspects of life that demand your attention.

If you have read previous BKI books, you know the men and women know how to handle their weapons. In Hot Pursuit, they are left without weapons and have to outsmart and outrun their threats. It brought about a bit of simplicity, yet was just as exciting to see what they had to plan and what would happen when confronted by armed men.

Now, let’s get to the romance part of the story. Christian and Emily bicker. They push each other’s buttons. They are both irritating. But they also have secrets that explain their personalities. Watching them discover the softer side of each other and how good they are together was truly rewarding. It was like your two best friends finally gave into their feelings for one another and you just know it is a match made in heaven. Walker did such a lovely job with the two of them from the way they poke fun at each other to their love making and the deep down love they show one another. It was fan-freaking-tastic.

One thing a bit different in Hot Pursuit compared to the other books in the series, is that Walker gave us a teaser of a relationship between two males – Rusty and Ace. While I typically am not interested in male/male stories, I was very intrigued by this one. The source of their arguing and what is preventing them from getting together is one I can’t wait to find out how they solve. Even if you are not interested in male/male books, you can still read this one just fine, as the relationship doesn’t really go far yet.

If you are looking for a romantic suspense to read next, give Hot Pursuit a read. It is an extraordinary story that will have you thinking about the characters long after you finish the book.

Title: Hot Pursuit (BKI, #11)

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received via NetGalley