Review: TAKE ME BACK by Rosalind James

In Take Me Back by Rosalind James, Hallie Cavanaugh swore she would never go back to Paradise, Idaho, where she grew up. When her father, and abusive and all around vile man, passes away under questionable circumstances, Hallie is guilted into returning for the funeral and reading of the will. The will divides the estate among the survivors, but Hallie ‘s inheritance comes with a huge catch. She has to live in Paradise for 6 months in her father’s home and she is not allowed to have sexual relations with Jim Lawson Jim, a veteran and deputy sheriff just wants to be left alone to raise his daughter. Hallie ‘s return to Paradise brings up too much of his bad boy past. When someone starts to threaten Hallie though, Jim takes a personal interest in her safety. Who is threatening Hallie? Can Hallie and Jim resist temptation so that Hallie will inherit?

Watching Hallie take control and triumph over her evil and disgusting father was very satisfying. Instead of running from her unpleasant memories of him, she confronts her fears and in turn empowers herself. My favorite part of her transformation was when she gave away her father’s prized and very expensive F-150 to his cleaning lady when she learned the single mother needed reliable transportation. Old Henry was definitely spinning in his grave when Hallie did that.

The chemistry between Hallie and Jim is electric. These two characters had a bit if a thing going on in high school until Hallie’s father forced Jim to leave town. Unable to forget their one night stand, these two dance around the inevitable knowing it could cost Hallie millions of dollars . The sexual tension is so thick in parts of the book that it becomes palpable to the reader.

The suspense portion of the book was very enjoyable as well. What started out as harmless threats to Hallie quickly escalates. Jim tries desperately to take a back seat in the investigation but his alpha male side won’t let him stand idly by while his woman is threatened. James dies a great job of teasing out who the threat is until the very last end and it wasn’t at all who I expected.

Take Me Back is the fourth book in the Paradise, Idaho series by Rosalind James but it can be read as a standalone. James has created an intriguing world of secrets and romance that will suck you into from the first sentence. Anyone who likes contemporary romance/romantic suspense will enjoy this book.

Title: Take Me Back

Author: Rosalind James

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC via NetGalley