Review: TAKEN, NOT SPURRED by Ruth Cardello

In Taken, Not Spurred by Ruth Cardello, Sarah Dery is having a quarter life crisis.  At twenty five, she’s still working for her parents and dreaming of becoming a writer.  When a friend invites her to Texas for the summer, Sarah jumps at the opportunity for a change in scenery.  Except things don’t exactly go as planned and Sarah ends up at Tony Carlton’s ranch instead.  Tony is famous for training horses but a tragic accident in his past has turned him into a recluse.  Can Sarah bring Tony out of his funk and find her voice as a writer?

22341255The opening chapter where Tony and Sarah meet had me laughing.  As someone who is directionally challenged even with a GPS, I totally related to Sarah getting lost. Of course, I usually don’t go hopping into a stranger’s shower when I get lost.

I loved how Sarah was a writer and how the reader was able to see some of that writing in the book. I wish Cardello had continued with this throughout the book so that we could see how Sarah developed as a writer.  I also thought it was great that Sarah wrote her stories out instead of typing them.

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