Review, Excerpt & Giveaway: LIGHT HER FIRE by Samanthe Beck

We are celebrating the release of Samanthe Beck’s newest release, Light Her Fire with a review, excerpt and giveaway today!

Review of Light Her Fire:

Melody Merritt has just ended a ten year engagement to her high school sweetheart.  She’s tired of being good and she talks herself into hitting on Josh Bradley, the sexy new fire chief.  Josh is more than happy to help Melody explore her bad girl needs. What they don’t count on is falling in love with each other.

Light Her Fire CoverHoly heck! This book is super hot!!!!! Like don’t read it in public hot because you’ll be squirming.  Or crank up the AC hot even though its fall and chillly outside.

The chemistry between Melody and Josh is immediate and electric.  The opening chapter of the first book is absolutely hilarious and sexually charged.  Melody and Josh find themselves in the produce aisle at the grocery store and well, let me just say things head to the gutter quickly.

Aside from the chemistry and hot scenes, the story line is engrossing as well. Josh sees Bluelick, Kentucky as just a passing stop on his way to a bigger and more exciting fire department.  Melody is harboring a secret for her ex, which is making Josh jealous.  There’s an arsonist loose in town but the mayor wants to sweep the evidence under the rug and ignore Josh.

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