Review & Giveaway: THE DEVLIN GROUP Series by Shannon Stacey

Updated – Congratulations to Danielle B! chose her comment as the winner for a digital set of The Devlin Group! Thank you to all those who participated!  For the rest of you, go out and read these books because I hear Shannon is working on the fourth one in the series! Here is a little something she shared on her blog titled “What I’m Working on Today” in February.

I love romantic suspense. If I absolutely had to chose, I would say that it is my favorite romance genre.  Do you guys know that Shannon Stacey writes really good romantic suspense books? She may be well known for her Kowalski Family contemporary romance books, but her romantic suspense series about The Devlin Group is pretty darn good. Today, Shannon is giving away one digital set of all three Devlin Group books to one lucky commenter today!

The Devlin Group

Official Summary:

Alex Rossi leads a double life, and it may cost Grace Nolan her son. The Devlin Group: A privately-owned rogue agency unhindered by red tape and jurisdiction. Grace Nolan walked away from the Devlin Group carrying Alex Rossi’s child in her womb and his bullet in her shoulder. But a ghost from the past has kidnapped her son, Danny. The ransom—Alex Rossi. To get her son back, Grace will have to step back into the life she’d left behind and reveal her secret to Alex. With vengeance for his mother’s murder nearly at hand and a deadly substance on the loose, the last thing Alex Rossi needs is to find himself at the business end of Grace’s gun. Now the clock is ticking as they race to save a child and stop a madman bent on destruction. But Alex has a secret of his own, and it may be the ultimate betrayal.

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Review: OPERATION SHEBA by Misty Evans

Operation Sheba by Misty Evans is probably one of my all time favorite books. Adrienne Giordano introduced me to Misty’s books and am so thankful! If you haven’t read any of her books I strongly recommend you start with this one.

OSBecause of this book I went on to read all Misty’s other books (including the Urban Fantasy genre I hadn’t read in the past). She has such a great writing style. I enjoy books like this where men (or women) sometimes have to straddle the line of what is legal/lawful for the sake of whomever or whatever they are saving. I was worried that the book might be too long when I looked at the number of pages, as sometimes longer books seem to be filled with fluff, but this one had me reading every word and it all seemed relevant to the story. There were so many storylines going on that all weaved together you couldn’t help but keep reading!

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