Review: REV IT UP by Julie Ann Walker

I wasn’t so sure about Rev It Up by Julie Ann Walker when I started reading it. Once I got past the prologue the feel was just a little different than the first two and I liked those so I was unsure about it. I worried a little that Michelle, the heroine was going to annoy me a bit with her narrations of why she should not be with Jake, the hero. However, it didn’t take long for the book to really take off and take me for quite a ride. Rev It Up indeed.

16035439Jake enters the story as simple as you can imagine. He shows up at the Knights shop and says he is there for Michelle. We get an “I love you” right away from this guy. What hero does that? Normally they are so confused about what they want and fight the love, but not in Rev It Up. The love is there. It’s Michelle that fights it. Okay, well then Jake fights it a little bit later. Walker adds in several twists and turns to her story and always seems to let her readers ride those out with the characters which is kinda cool. While I like to know everything all at once, a book is a journey to be lived out.

The adventures in Rev It Up are a little more intense than previous books in my opinion because we are in the head of the crazy villain Johnny when he does some very evil things. I had a tough time with those but when justice was served it was all that much better. Walker continues to put the characters we know and love into different and original situations.

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Review: IN RIDES TROUBLE by Julie Ann Walker

Can I just say I am loving the Black Knights series by Julie Ann Walker? The second book in the series, In Rides Trouble is tense and powerful and just freaking awesome. In this one, it isn’t so much the action that I loved but the palpable chemistry and verbal sparring between Frank and Becky. We watched their strained interactions in Hell on Wheels and watching the two of them come to terms with their love for one another is just as explosive as you would expect.

13088405Frank, aka “Boss” is several years older than Becky and the leader of the Black Knights, but it’s her shop that they use as their cover so there is already an interesting meshing of personalities. When we left the two of them in Hell on Wheels, Becky had wanted to become an operator with the rest of the crew but Frank was not having that (more so out of fear than his confidence in her abilities I suspect), so she up and left for some time away. Her time away ended up on a lovely boat with her best friend hijacked by pirates. Of course it was Frank and the Knights to her rescue. That was fun to watch.

Aside from the exciting action of the rescue and other danger that lurkes throughout the story, I was all in when reading about Frank and Becky. I love their back and forth play. I think Becky’s brother Bill said it best when he noticed their verbal sparring was a form of foreplay. That didn’t go over well with Frank when it was brought to his attention. Bottom line is Frank doesn’t think he can have Becky and she has no idea why.

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Review: HELL ON WHEELS by Julie Ann Walker

Loved this book so much! I first heard about Julie Ann Walker when I attended the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon in April 2014. I saw this book and just knew I had to have it. I bought it, set it aside with all the other books I purchased when I got home and went on on with life. Lately it has been calling my name. Why oh why have I waited so long to read this? Hell On Wheels is a well written, fast-paced, romantic suspense story that had me on the edge of my seat from the very first page.

13088406Nathan “Ghost” Weller is a former Marine Sniper working for Black Knights, Inc, a covert special ops group. Alissa Morgan is the younger sister of Nate’s brother in arms, Grigg. His death and Ali’s stalker have seriously raised some questions that the Knights must find the answers to. This is my first introduction to Walker’s books and let me tell you, I am hooked. I love her writing, the descriptions she provides whether it is during the action or intimate scenes and the exciting plot.

I found Nate to be a little annoying, a lot likeable and very sexy. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and all that guilt he has bottled up make him so damn broody but also vulnerable. To see him ripped open and breaking down into tears, caused me to break down into tears. He is also a complete badass when it comes to protecting people. He understands the risks and knows not to cross the line when unnecessary.

Ali is the perfect person for Nate. She constantly surprised me when it concerned him. It was refreshing to see a strong woman shown in a different light. She wasn’t a physical or strong willed woman. She was strong because she had to be for her brother and Nate even though she hated what was happening. She had to see things through no matter what the cost because of her love for Grigg and Nate and she wanted her life back to the way it was.

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Review: BRAVE THE HEAT by Sara Humphreys

When Jordan McKenna ran away from home as a teenager in Brave The Heat by Sara Humphreys, she left behind her high school sweet heart. Jordan has returned to Old Brookfield,  now a divorced woman with 2 young daughters. Her old flame, Gavin Maguire is now the fire chief of the town. Gavin can’t believe that Jordan is back after all these years. He’s ready to pick up where they left off but Jordan is skittish after her failed marriage. Can these two find their way back to each other or has too much time passed?

24497331I think every town needs to have a fire fighter like Gavin. Holy cow! This character is super potent. He loves his parents,  he’s loyal to his friends,  and his interactions with Jordan’s daughters will melt your heart.

Jordan’s character was great as well. She had left Old Brookfield to flee her abusive father,  only to be trapped in a marriage with an equally abusive husband. She was so hesitant to fall in love with Gavin,  putting her girls needs ahead of her own.

This is the first book in a new contemporary romance series. It’s a great read with something for every romance reader : some suspense,  good love scenes,  and a hot guy in a uniform  (yum!). The story was extremely well thought out with great characters throughout the book. If Gavin ‘ s other brothers are anything like him, the rest of this series is going to be beyond awesome.

Reviewed by Candy

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About the Book:

Title: Brave The Heat (The McGuire Brothers, #1)

Author: Sara Humphreys

Release Date: September 1, 2015

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: Borrowed from the Library

Book Summary:

The only fire he can’t put out…

Jordan McKenna is back in town, and Fire Chief Gavin Maguire’s feelings when he sees her after all these years are as raw as the day she left. Then he was just a kid wearing his heart on his sleeve. Now he spends every day trying to atone for the tragedy he couldn’t prevent.

Is the torch he carries for her…

Jordan’s life has not exactly worked out the way she expected. A divorced mother of two with a failed acting career, Jordan’s biggest concern about coming back to Old Brookfield was seeing her first love. But when a series of suspicious fires breaks out, Jordan and Gavin realize that dealing with the sparks between them may be the least dangerous of their problems.

Review: A LADY’S SECRET WEAPON by Tracey Devlyn

Oh my gosh, where to start with this book?  I was really looking forward to A Lady’s Secret Weapon by Tracey Devlyn because the hero, Ethan, is the bad boy of the series and I have a thing for bad boys. They are usually more troubled than the good boys, so when they make the switch it is more raw and emotional. Pairing Ethan with the independent heroine Sydney was just explosive.

The third book in the Nexus Series is filled with several plot lines that are all wonderfully woven together to keep you on the edge of your seat. I have had to read each of these books carefully because there is so much going on I don’t want to miss a thing and they move quickly.

The character development is phenomenal. Ethan and Sydney are well developed characters with lots of internal conflict. There are some deep seeded issues they both reluctantly have to come to terms with before they can move on with their relationship. I was surprised at how some of the plot lines played out due to the way the characters matured over the story. Ethan and Sydney brought out the best in one another, even if it they provoked each other a lot with their bantering. They are a very entertaining pair and make each other stronger. I love seeing that in a romance. The major intimate scene in the book was done extremely well.  It was very passionate, gentle and sweet and made me swoon at the end (and I don’t swoon easily).

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