Review: SEARING NEED by Tracey Devlyn

Title: Searing Need (The Kingstons, #3)

Author: Tracey Devlyn

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC receive from Author

Review by Amy

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What a fantastic story! Searing Need by Tracey Devlyn is an entertaining romantic suspense story filled with danger, romance, the great outdoors (of course), Kingstons and Steeles! You also get to experience a little camping while reading this book, a bit of Cost Rica, experience cocky Reid Steele and do a little yoga to relax. Who wouldn’t want to read this book?

Riley is an amazing botanist that comes up on a man camping in he forest while working. This man is on Steele land. Why is he here? Her curiosity gets the best of her and she starts to stalk, study, and eventually interact with him. Coen is a special forces soldier looking for a little rest and relaxation after a terrible mission and was granted it courtesy of the Steele brothers. At least he was until Riley came storming into his life. The romance between Coen and Riley is entertaining from the start. I always love it when I can’t imagine the two characters together when they meet and by the end I can’t imagine them apart.

In addition to the mystery that is Coen, Riley also receives a few visitors that bring lot of crazy with them.  Devlyn is a fantastic story teller. She comes up with such interesting plots and the descriptions she provides makes the reader feel as though they are in the story. The emotions each characters are feeling are so real and raw, too. Devlyn’s characters are always so fascinating to me and I often learn a lot! It’s why I love her books so much!

If you are looking for a unique romantic suspense story filled with mystery, intrigue, a few Steele boys, romance, and a whole lot of danger, give Searing Need a try!

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Review: ENDURING LOVE by Kelsey Browning, Tracey Devlyn, and Adrienne Giordano

Title: Enduring Love (Steele Ridge, #8)

Author: Adrienne Giordano, Kelsey Browning, Tracey Devlyn

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC Received from Authors

Reviewed by Amy

* * * * *

What an entertaining short story that is part of the Steele Ridge series! Enduring Love gives us a snapshot into Eddy and Joan Steele’s relationship. For those that have read the other books, this one answers the question of why Eddy has been a recluse for so many years and given up his family for the better part of 20 years. It’s a quick read and keeps you turning pages!

Reading this series has made me realize I want to be Joan Steele for my kids. She is one hard core mom who gives unconditional love to her family. She doesn’t let fear stop her from protecting her own, no matter the cost. She always stole the scenes in previous books and am so glad she has a story of her own.

We don’t know much about Eddy from the past books – just want his family mentioned or thought of him, so I was excited to read about him. My heart hurt for the family that missed out on him for so many years, yet it warmed when I learned the truth and how things ended. The beginning scene was absolutely priceless and I couldn’t have imagined a better story for Joan and Eddy. The authors nailed it with Enduring Love. Absolutely fantastic.

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Review & Giveaway: ROAMING WILD by Tracey Devlyn

Deep breath. That is exactly what I had to do when I finished reading Roaming Wild by Tracey Devlyn. My heart was beating out of my chest and I almost couldn’t blink or read fast enough for fear of missing something near the end of the book. Devlyn writes a dark, romantic suspense filled with evil villains that make you shudder but balances it out well with a romance between life long friends.

Roaming Wild is Evie Steele’s story. If you have read the other books in the Steele Ridge Series you have met Evie already and know she is the youngest sister of four brothers and a sister. She doesn’t back down from things easily and is sick of being treated like a little girl. As the best friend of Evie’s older brother, Britt, Deke Conrad has played it cool with Evie, not wanting to mess things up. His job as a Special Agent takes him away for long periods of time and requires him to keep secrets. Evie is just starting her nursing career. Deke is a decade older than Evie and would like to start a family. They are in different places, according to Deke and just doesn’t think it will work. Evie won’t give up.

Devlyn writes a very creative mystery with many different connections and somehow keeps it all straight, allows the reader to easily follow along, and entertains us from start to finish. She really takes your emotions on a ride, so make sure you are ready! Devlyn always brings me new and exciting careers for her characters and I end up with a new appreciation for things in life that I know nothing about. In this story, she teaches me about wildlife trafficking. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Nor did I know about Special Agents other than those in the FBI or CIA!

The romance between Deke and Evie is fun to watch. It’s not super flashy or sexy, but it fits the two of them and how long they have known one another. I love Evie’s tenacity and Deke’s soft spot for Evie. He doesn’t even stand a chance. It was a nice give and take between the two of them with a few passionate moments that were exactly what we needed to give us a break from the evil Harwood family. If you are looking for an original, emotional, romantic suspense give Roaming Wild a read.

Title: Roaming Wild (Steele Ridge, #6)

Author: Tracey Devlyn

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author 

Book Blurb:

She’s loved him forever…

The last thing traveling nurse Evie Steele expects to find aboard the RV housing her mobile health clinic is her brother’s best friend. As always, Deke’s close proximity stirs her forbidden desires and long-suppressed dreams. But his sudden reappearance in her life and curious interest in her patients makes Evie wonder what he’s hiding.

…but now his secrets could destroy them both.

Special agent Deke Conrad is in big trouble. Not only does he have a thing for his friend’s little sister, but what should be a routine mission is turning into a tour of temptation and survival. He fooled himself into thinking he could keep the beautiful and dynamic Evie in the dark while he used the cover of her Med Mobile to track down a merciless wildlife trafficker. But he didn’t anticipate the lure of her scent or the warmth of her smile…or the string of dead bodies littering their path.

When Evie winds up in his enemy’s crosshairs, Deke must unleash every weapon in his arsenal to save her, including his heart. But will he be too late?

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USA Today bestselling author Tracey Devlyn wanted to be the next Dian Fossey and explore the wilds of Africa, but that was before she met chemistry and calculus and realized a business major, rather than a science degree, might be more up her alley.

Tracey writes contemporary and historical romantic suspense, historical mysteries, and mainstream thrillers. An Illinois native, Tracey spends her evenings harassing her once-in-a-lifetime husband and her weekends torturing her characters.

For more information on Tracey, including her Internet haunts, contest updates, and details on her upcoming novels, please visit her website at Want information about Tracey’s new releases to be delivered to your email inbox? Consider signing up for her newsletter Tracey can also be found at, or


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Review: LOVING DEEP by Tracey Devlyn

Loving Deep by Tracey Devlyn was a surprise for me. The story has Devlyn’s fantastic storytelling, detailed plot, as well as interesting and endearing characters but the plot was not one I expected loving.

30551610I admit that when I first started reading this I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it. I love all of Devlyn’s other stories and I trust her writing so I wanted to read Loving Deep. It’s just that the subject matter isn’t something that would typically spark my interest. However, it was the hero, Britt that made me love what he was passionate about. His quirkiness with Randi but his love for animals is so completely endearing. Randi is a good match for him in that she understood his passion and was a reasonable, independent woman who sees him for what he is, bad moods, overreactions and all.

Randi and Britt’s relationship was a rocky one, though. She was wary of getting involved with someone similar to her mom – someone who hurt her many times growing up. In a change of roles it was Britt that was the unreasonable one most of the time and Randi was level headed. Britt put his foot in his mouth often too. I wondered how Randi could stand to forgive him sometimes. It made their romance different and exciting because I never knew how a situation would play out. Britt and Randi’s story is one that will leave you with a happy and joyful heart when you finish the book.

Leave it to Devlyn to provide us with a unique suspense story. And she sure can write evil villains. At first the bad guys are shown as polished and upper class which makes you assume they are above certain things, but at the end of the book, you see their true colors. I couldn’t believe the evil that lurked under their fancy clothes and money.

There is a lot more I would love to tell you about Loving Deep, but you need to go read it for yourself. It is a wonderful story that will provide you with hours of entertainment. It brings together the Steele family for one of their biggest adventures yet. While I have read these books a bit out of order and they can be read on their own, I think the experience is best when they are read in order.

If you are looking for a romantic suspense story that combines a fresh plot, realistic romance, and a family that will support you with no questions asked, give Loving Deep a read.

Reviewed by Amy

(Amy voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.)

Review: SHEV by Tracey Devlyn

Shev by Tracey Devlyn is a great novella. It is a nice ending to the Nexus Series. I am not a huge historical romance fan, but Devlyn is one of a of the few I will auto-read. I have really enjoyed this series because they are spies, which leads to suspense and mystery in addition to the romance. Spies from the past are a lot different than contemporary spies. Very intriguing. If you like historical romance or even if you haven’t given it a try, you should check out this short story or the entire series.

25636276In Shev, we read about Marcus and Anne. Marcus is a bit of a playboy that Anne wants nothing to do with. She is brought in as a governess for his daughter. Marcus doesn’t think he will have a problem keeping his hands off Anne because she is not really his type at all. Boy is he wrong. One thing I love about Devlyn’s heroines is that they are strong. Even with their sometimes troubled past, they stand up for themselves and usually go outside the expectations of how they should act in public. I find that pretty cool.

This is a novella and reads fast. It was entertaining from start to finish with some intrigue, mystery and some fantastic romance. This book was hot and I loved it! I have read al the other books in the series and wasn’t expecting it. I thought there was the perfect blend of detail and imagination which made it incredibly passionate.

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