Review: COULD’VE SAID YES by Tracy March

Could’ve Said Yes by Tracy March is her best Thistle Bend story yet! While I am sad to see the Thistle Bend series come to an end, it is going out on a winner! Could’ve Said Yes has it all – interesting plot, endearing characters, and the best descriptions of each and every setting. I always feel like I am in one of March’s stories when she begins to describe what is around us in terms of colors, smells, tastes, etc.

28502789The story features Collin, who is visiting Thistle Bend as an assignment for the EPA and Ellie is a local girl who is just back to town and making a name for herself as an artist. Both characters are coming off a broken engagement and are little relationship shy. March writes such multilayered characters that you can’t help but root for them to succeed. Both Collin and Ellie are fabulous on their own, but together they are amazing. I adore the easy going relationship that Ellie and Collin have and the way they just got to know each other in simple situations. March is able to keep the story moving without a lot of fanfare. When it comes to intimate scenes, March gives just enough show to pull the reader into the scene allowing them to feel the same emotions as the characters. She also uses them appropriately and they flow easily into the story.

I have enjoyed learning a lot about different job functions that March writes about in her Thistle Bend stories. Reading about Ellie’s hand tinting artwork intrigued me enough to do some of my own research about it. I also found it exciting to read about how hazardous things can be with a mining breach of harmful contaminants into a river used for drinking water and recreation, which Collin had to deal with.

If you are looking for an extraordinary romance with a unique plot, captivating characters and a small town romance that will have your toes curling, give Could’ve Said Yes a read.

Reviewed by Amy

This book was received from the publisher via NetGalley.

Review: JUST SAY MAYBE by Tracy March

Just Say Maybe by Tracy March is a sweet romance. I love March’s books, whether they are contemporary romance or romantic suspense. I just adore her writing so I was all in on this book before I even read the blurb! If you are looking for a book that will provide you with a solid romantic story, a touch of a mystery and a feeling of homecoming with the town of Thistle Bend, this is the story for you.

26067193Holly is a real estate lawyer in her home town of Thistle Bend and Bryce is from out of town who wants to purchase a rundown lodge that has done nothing but cause grief for the community. The town was against him from the beginning but Holly was willing to give him a try not only professionally but personally.

I so loved the way Bryce and Holly meet for the first and second time. It was priceless. It sets up their relationship journey nicely. Each of them are characters that you just like from the beginning. They are independent, confident and established in their lives. Their relationship is playful and fun and realistic. Bryce and Holly have both gotten out of bad relationships so there are some doubts, but they are understandable. The romance was slow and steady – one you would picture in real life. They have so much in common I wanted them together from the start. March weaves the romance into the story very well.

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Review: SHOULD’VE SAID NO by Tracy March

Happy sigh. Should’ve Said No by Tracy March is a charming, sexy contemporary romance story. The plot is original and the characters are amazing. I am such a character-driven reader and Should’ve Said No definitely met that interest of mine. Carden (hero) and Lindsey (heroine) are easy to read about. They had their flaws but you instantly liked them without thinking they were over-the-top perfect. Lindsey is so inspiring and I love when characters can do that for me.

25051866March created Thistle Bend as a town where everyone wants to live. Yes, there is a family feud that Lindsey is tasked to get to the bottom of as part of her job, and the town has it’s struggles but it sounds so lovely. The descriptions of the stores and houses are done so well that I could visualize the colors and vibrancy easily. I could practically taste the food that the characters were eating, too! I was constantly hungry while reading this book for ice cream and pastries.

The pacing of the story was spot on as I found myself turning pages quickly. The romance between Carden and Lindsey was compelling. It was easy but it wasn’t. It had the typical do-we or don’t-we aspect but it was written well because I wasn’t quite sure how things were going to play out. The intimate scenes in the story were passionate, fit the story and characters well and the only downside was that there weren’t enough of them! However, while I wish there were more, it would have upset the flow.

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Review: THE MARRIAGE MATCH by Tracy March

If you like sweet romance that takes you away on a whirlwind adventure, you have to read The Marriage Match by Tracy March. It’s the third book in her Suddenly Smitten series, but can easily be read as a stand alone. Tracy writes fabulous characters and puts them in a well planned out story to keep the pages turning. She also does a fantastic job of describing the exotic locations in which her characters travel. You feel the warm sun, the sand beneath your toes and the water crashing against your legs just like the characters. I loved every minute of this story.

The Marriage Match Final CoverIn The Marriage Match, Trent’s grandmother has this crazy idea to play matchmaker, film his dates and use it as an ad campaign for their resorts, which he runs. She picks three women for him to meet and spend a day with all in hopes that he will fall in love and they will get a great ad campaign out of it. Her assistant Cynthia is assigned to make sure everything goes smoothly. As you can imagine, things don’t go as planned.

Trent is a  very swoon-worthy hero. He is not your typical alpha male and has so much substance to him – something Cynthia is learning each moment she spends with him. He is not the rich kid she thought she knew growing up. I fell for Trent when I learned how open he is about his feelings and desires. In my opinion, this is quite a change in romance novel alpha males. Cynthia is awesome heroine. I love her selflessness, her sense of adventure how she takes a lot of pride in everything she does from working for Trent’s grandmother to helping him find his true love to working with her friend at the bakery. She is all in when she commits to something.

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Review & Giveaway: A SHOT OF RED by Tracy March

It’s release day for A Shot of Red by Tracy MarchA Shot of Red is a thrilling romantic suspense that pulls you into a complicated story with edge-of-your-seat danger, irresistible passion and leaves you with so much hope.

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9781622661251A Shot of Red is a story about so many things – love, death, betrayal, deceit, and hope. There are several story lines that are going on and Tracy does a fantastic job of weaving them all together to make for a very intriguing read.

In short, the heroine Mia, learns that several vaccines her company Moncure Therapeutics formulated may have been tainted during the manufacturing process and she is set out to find the truth because hundreds are dying. When things turn dangerous and she is nearly killed, Gio rushes to her aid. From there they have quite the adventure in digging up any evidence they can find.

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