Review: FALLING FOR HER BACHELOR by Robin Bielman

Robin Bielman’s books are auto reads for me. Her stories are just enjoyable books that are hard to put down. Falling for Her Bachelor is a sexy, hot contemporary romance novel with an enjoyable plot, developed characters, and passionate romance. It was a great book to escape reality for a few hours.

29486423Nick is Marietta’s Navy Firefighter who is a hero that feels like he is anything but. He couldn’t save the people he was closest too and feels he let them down. Cassidy is looking to branch out from her good girl persona and really live a little. But, how can the guy who likes to play it safe in order to spare any more pain also be her leader in adventure?

Bielman does a great job developing these two characters and I was almost as intrigued by each of their individual stories as I was their romance together. From the moment they reunited until the very end I was wisked away on an adventure right along with the characters.

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In One Night With Her Bachelor by Kat Latham, Molly Dekker is a single mom, who decides to have some “me time” while  her young son goes on a Scouting trip. Molly hikes to Gabriel Morales’ s secluded cabin intent on seducing him. Gabriel, a former Air Force pararescuer, is fighting his own demons after having witnessed the death of his best friend. He doesn’t want or need anyone, especially Molly who is his BFF’S sister.  A tragic accident leaves Molly’s son paralyzed interrupting any seduction that might have occurred. Now Molly is struggling to make ends meet as the medical bills continue to mount. Her best friend organizes a bachelor auction to help raise money and Molly is floored when her son “buys” Gabriel for her.

25116964I swear anything Kat Latham writes is pure gold. It doesn’t matter if she’s writing about the London Legends or a rural town in Montana. Her writing draws you in and doesn’t let you go until the very last page. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Molly and Gabriel. There was a lot of tension that built up before anything happened. When it finally did happen, I was surprised my Kindle didn’t melt.

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