Review: WHERE THE WIND LEADS by Vinh Chung

Where the Wind Leads by Vinh Chung is a remarkable and inspiring true story of one family of refugees.  The Chung family had built themselves an empire in Vietnam but when the communists took over in 1975, they began to loose everything.  Eventually, the family realized that if they didn’t leave the country,  their growing family would have no chance for success in life. The family ended up becoming one of the thousands of “Boat People” who fled Vietnam and took to the sea,  not knowing where they would end up or if they would even survive.  After enduring horrifying conditions at sea, the family was eventually rescued and resettled in Fort Smith,  Arkansas.  The book follows young Vinh all the way until he graduates from Harvard and discusses the challenges of living in America.

18126604It’s hard not to read this book and not think about how immigration reform is in the news lately.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the majority of us have ancestors who were once immigrants or refugees.  For hundreds of years,  America has been a beacon of hope for others around the world as they dream of a better life.

Chung is a remarkable story teller.  He does an excellent job of explaining Vietmanese/Chinese culture to his readers.  The rules if their culture might not make sense to American readers,  but it is what kept the family alive.

One of the most inspiring topics in this book is the subject of faith.  The Chungs were one of the first families rescued by World Vision,  a Christian humanitarian charity.  While on the rescue boat,  Vinh ‘ s father listens to a sermon on Christ and begins to accept Him as his savior.  The entire family comes to believe that without Jesus they would have never been rescued.  Chung remarks on his faith and his family’s faith throughout the book.

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