Review: ALL THERE IS by Violet Duke

Title: All There Is (Juniper Hills, #1)

Author: Violet Duke

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: NetGalley 

Review by Candy

* * * * *

After surviving a fire that destroyed her family and left her young step-brother dead, Emma Stevens moves with her sister to Juniper Hills for a fresh start. In this small town, known for producing luxury and unique yarns, Emma doesn’t have to worry about her past. When her bakery floods after a broken pipe, a strange contractor shows up to place a bid on doing the repairs. To Emma’s horror, the contractor is none other than Jake Rowan, who started the fire that cost Emma her family. Jake served his time for a crime he didn’t commit by trying to protect his brother, who was thought to have a better future than Jake did. Jake had no idea that Emma even lived in Juniper Hills and is ready to leave town as soon as he realizes who she is. Emna convinces Jake to stay to not only fix her bakery but to remodel the library that her sister works at. As Emma and Jake become reacquainted with each other, the attraction they felt as teenagers reemerges. Can these two move on from their pasts and find happiness in each other?

Jake’s story was very hard to read. It angered me that his father thought so little of Jake that it was okay if Jake went to juvenile hall for a crime he didn’t commit. To top it off, Jake suffered even further by his own mother refusing to even visit him while he served out his sentence.

Emma’s story is filled with survivor’s guilt. When the fire broke out her and Jake went back in the burning house to rescue her sister and step-brother. Unfortunately her step-brother dies in the fire and Emma is riddled with guilt that she didn’t do enough to save him. It takes talking with Jake about that night to understand that there wasn’t anything she could do.

All There Is by Violet Duke is the first book in the Juniper Hills series. Duke has written a powerful story about forgiveness and moving on when tragedy strikes. If you enjoy contemporary romance, this would be a good read for you.

* * * * *