Review: TOO HARD TO HANDLE by Julie Ann Walker

If you like romantic suspense with super sexy, passionate scenes that make you squirm a little while reading, you must read Too Hard To Handle by Julie Ann Walker. She will have your heart racing one minute and melting the next. It’s a wild ride with the main characters, Dan and Penni. One you won’t want to miss!

I didn’t get the chance to read Dan and Penni’s intro in past stories (Walker sets all heroes/heroines up in prior books in the BKI series) but I do remember when Dan lost his wife and that was unbelievable and heart breaking. I couldn’t imagine how Dan was going to heal and move on but am so glad for Penni! The easy going way between Dan and Penni is refreshing in romance when you have to build up a conflict at some point between them. This one was great. I was a little bummed how quickly Penni put the breaks on between her and Dan but I probably would have felt the same way in that situation. The ending, however, was perfect.

As with all of the Black Knights books, the camaraderie between all the guys is just awesome. They know when to joke around, when to call each other on their $hit, and when to buckle down and get to business. It’s like coming home when I read one of these books! In Too Hard To Handle, we are also treated to Dagan and Chelsea’s budding romance. I look forward to reading their story because it’s going to be a feisty one.  If you like romantic suspense, give the Black Knight’s series a read. While each of them build off of one another you can pick up any book and find enjoyment reading it as a stand alone.

Title: Too Hard To Handle (Black Knights, #8)

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Amazon


Review: BREAKING FREE by Adrienne Giordano

The Steele family is back! This time with their kick ass sister, Mikayla “Mickie” Steele. Breaking Free by Adrienne Giordano is a fantastic addition to the Steele Ridge Series. Each author of this series is so talented at bringing their touch to the series with unique, well written plots and loveable characters. Gage Barber is the light to Micki’s self-described darkness and I couldn’t have picked a better partner for her.

Breaking Free starts out with Micki leaving behind a situation and life she has known for the past ten years. She so badly wants to run back home into the loving arms of her family but is scared for their well being as well. The men she is leaving behind won’t let her go easily. Will she be able to break free from the hold they have on her? If the Steele family and her brothers’ best friend Gage have anything to say about it…

Giordano does a fabulous job with the suspense and plot of the story. From Micki’s secrets to how they were going to stop the blackmailing and rid Steele Ridge of Phil and Tomas was quite a ride. I didn’t want to put the book down because the pacing was so great you couldn’t stop and take a break! It was just a really, really good story. Gage and Micki’s internal battles were intriguing to read about. Watching them overcome their demons and challenges was inspiring. Just opening up and leaning on others was a huge thing for both of them.

I felt the romance between Gage and Mickis’s played out perfectly in Breaking Free. Gage was the hero that Micki needed but she was also able to put “Captain America” (love the nickname she gave him) in his place when he tried taking over too much. They showed a lot of respect for one another. I loved it! Oh, and their love scenes? Smokin’ hot.

If you have been following the Steele Ridge series, you won’t want to miss Breaking Free. If you haven’t read the series yet, the books are all stand alones so you can start with Breaking Free! You will love the family bond and want to read all the others after this one! Give Breaking Free a try. It’s a well written, entertaining, romantic suspense.

Title: Breaking Free (Steele Ridge, #5)

Author: Adrienne Giordano

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Review: THRILL RIDE by Julie Ann Walker

Rock and Vanessa! What a couple. I haven’t read so much emotion and heartbreak in a while and I have ready plenty of romantic suspense books!  I also haven’t shed tears over a book or characters in a very long time like I did while reading Thrill Ride by Julie Ann Walker. 

This Black Knights Inc Series book gives us Richard “Rock” and Vanessa’s story. The story opens with the Knights finding out that Rock has gone Rogue. Or at least that is what the CIA wants everyone to believe. Walker does a fantastic job with the show of any scene whether it is a super action packed scene or a sexy love scene. In Thrill Ride, I felt like I was actually sweating in the jungle with Rock and Vanessa and I felt my heart bursting into pieces right along with the characters at other times. I also felt the love the two of them shared in the more private moments all the way down to the bones. The panic. The heartbreak. The joy. It is all wrapped up in this one.

Watching the Knights take charge, kick some ass, dupe others, and just take care of what is theirs is what makes me continue to read this series. The bond they have is truly unbreakable. Walker does a tremendous job of individualizing each story she writes in the Black Knights series to the characters. Her plots are original and engaging. The chemistry between the characters is always palpable and the love scenes are spot on with the characters and plot and oh so passionate and sexy.

As with all the other books in this series, Thrill Ride sets up the next book’s main characters. In this one we are privileged to read about Bill and Eve. Their characters are as different as day and night it seems so I can’t wait to see how that will turn out. If you like romantic sense with bad ass, lovable, black ops heroes and strong, ballsy heroines, give Thrill Ride a read.

Title: Thrill Ride (Black Knights, #4)

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Amazon

Review: WILD RIDE by Julie Ann Walker

Wow. Just wow. I absolutely l loved Ozzie and Samantha’s story! Wild Ride by Julie Ann Walker gives us everything the title states. Emotional highs and lows, drama, suspense, action, despair, and joy.  All of those things are packaged into a story that will grip you from the first page all the way until you close the book. Since I am not able to read a book in one sitting, every night when I had the opportunity to sit and read I couldn’t wait. I would rush through the daily things that had to be done in order to spend time with Ozzie and Samantha. I love that in a book!

I have read the first four books in the series and then jumped to this one (#9) and realize there is probably a lot more Ozzie I missed in past books that I can’t wait to go back and read about. He is a geeky, 80’s loving, hottie who has the biggest heart I have seen from a hero in a long time. Samantha knows how good Ozzie is and miscommunication and assumptions are what take their relationship on a rocky ride from friends to lovers to something else. Walker did a phenomenal job with the flirting and love scenes between Ozzie and Samantha. The feelings and descriptions of the scenes were so passionate and the interruptions comical. The ending of book as it related to Ozzie and Samantha was absolutely perfect.

Walker writes a wicked good suspense story. The villains are crazy evil, elevating the reader’s heartbeat quite a bit, and the action scenes are done so well that it is easy to picture it play out. The addition of previous and future characters of the series are always a nice addition and they are why I like to read a series.

The only hesitation I have with Wild Ride is that while I am looking forward to Christian and Emily’s story (we are treated to their feelings for one another in this one), I am not sure I will be able to handle their buildup and courtship. They both annoyed the way they talked to one another. I was sort of hoping their relationship was wrapped up at the end of this one because of that. That is the first time I have felt like that with any of the characters in this series, so it surprised me.

Wild Ride is a fantastic romantic suspense story. Whether you have read all of the other Black Knights books by Walker or are looking to start, give this one a read. It can be read as a stand alone and is very hard to put down. While your heart will be racing many times during the story, it will also be filled with joy at the end.

Title: Wild Ride (Black Knights, Inc, #9)

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received via NetGalley

Review: THE WINGMAN by Natasha Anders

In The Wingman by Natasha Anders, Introvert Daisy McGregor is used to be overlooked by men. Much to her surprise at her sister’s Bachelorette party, Mason Carlisle begins to chat her up. Mason, the reformed bad boy of town, is sexy and smart. When Daisy overhears Mason’s brother thanking Mason for being his wingman and distracting Daisy while he hit on her sister, Daisy knew Mason’s attention was just too good to be true. Daisy flips the tables on Mason though and talks him into being her wingman at the wedding to shut up all the gossiping busy bodies. Mason agrees but insists on several dates to make the relationship look more real. As Mason and Daisy get to know each other, Mason realizes he doesn’t want a fake relationship with Daisy. Can Mason convince Daisy that he loves her and wants her forever?

On my goodness! I don’t know where to start this review. I started reading this while doing laundry to pass the time. Next thing I know it’s 6 pm, laundry isn’t put away, and nothing is fixed for dinner. I ended up ordering pizza because I absolutely had to finish this book and begin my book hangover.

Mason and Daisy were just phenomenal characters. They had wonderful and funny conversations. By the end of this book these two characters were like old friends to me. Daisy’s character had so many depths to her. Overlooked because of her “beautiful “ sisters, Daisy long ago decided that was okay and focused on her studies to become a vet. These days her life revolves around her vet practice with her father and her family. She often hides the pain of being scorned and belittled behind a wicked sarcasm. I wanted to hug her so tight in the beginning of the book and by the end when she came out of her shell, I wanted to high five her and hug her again.

Mason’s character was almost as complicated as Daisy’s . Mason grew up with a horrible set of parents but managed to turn his life around by joining the military. The former underwear model and security guard is almost as insecure as Daisy. Daisy makes him a better man by embracing all of him and not just his good looks.

The Wingman by Natasha Anders is an outstanding and fun romance. Daisy and Mason are unforgettable characters and their story will bring a smile to your face. If you enjoy contemporary romance, you need to read this excellent book.

Title: The Wingman

Author: Natasha Anders

Category: Conemporary Romance

Source: ARC via NetGalley

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