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Urban Fantasy. I never in my life thought I would read that genre. I have always been a contemporary romance type girl. Give me the boy and girl falling in love. The past year taught me that I can read just about anything as long as there is a good story involved. Since I read and enjoyed Misty EvansSuper Agent series (romantic suspense) I thought I would give her Urban Fantasy book a try. I am so glad I did.  Kali Sweet is one awesome heroine. Sweet Chaos is the second book in the Kali Sweet series.

Official Summary:

The past always finds a way to bite you in the ass.

As a three-hundred-year old vengeance demon, I’ve made a lot of enemies. The worst was Queen Maria, the Italian Court’s most devious succubus and a ruler who used me as a weapon of mass destruction to inflict pain and kill hundreds of humans in her torture chambers.

Now she’s back, this time as a ghost, and she’s invited a new friend to the party—a vampire king who wants my head on a stake. Together they’re bringing a war to Chicago that will topple the carefully constructed world I’ve protected for centuries.

But I’m Kali Sweet. I never run from my past…and I’m not about to hide from my present.

My Review:

You will find the sequel to Revenge is Sweet packed full of action, adventure, love, lust, happiness, sadness and romance! You get the same tough vengeance demon that has to once again fight the war between good and evil. In Sweet Chaos, Kali is fighting a spirit from her past as well as Toel, one of the vampires who is not happy about a demon being Queen of the Undead (of course, he thinks he should be in charge). Kali doesn’t really care to be the Queen of the Undead, but feels she is the best one to fight Toel as well as the other spirit from her past since she thought she took care of things then. Kali feels responsible for all the innocents and hesitates at allowing her friends to help for fear that they will be killed in the process. However, Kali can’t handle it all by herself and needs to learn to rely on those friends to help her. Throughout the book Kali shows allows some of her friends into her heart more which in turn effects the way she tries to handle things. I enjoyed watching Kali figure this all out.

Something I love about Kali Sweet books are the relationships. Typically I tend to want more dialogue between the two love interests in a story, but in this case I love watching Kali interact with her friends and boss. I think it’s hilarious that Damon can read her mind and she isn’t afraid to tell him what she thinks, which then leads to Damon reminding her that he is the boss. I love how Kali treats Maddy like a younger sister and to see how Kali was a little jealous of Bri’s interest in Cole. I even warmed up to Dru who I wasn’t sure of at the beginning based on how he treated Kali. It was great to see Kali finally stake her claim on Rad, her rock star, half chaos deam/half human, off and on love interest. It has been a long time coming for me and I am excited to see where it leads into the next book.

The action scenes are well written because they are unpredictable, so Misty keeps you on the edge of your seat to find out. Every time you think “This is it. Kali and company are going to get it done,” something else unexpected happens! Misty does a great job taking your emotions on a journey with the characters in the book. I was a little worn out after reading this since I felt like I was experiencing the same things as Kali! I highly recommend Sweet Chaos to anyone that likes a heroine who isn’t afraid to back down and is willing to lay it all out on the line for those she loves.

How do you handle those things from your past that come back to haunt you? 

3 thoughts on “Review: SWEET CHAOS by Misty Evans

  1. Great review! One other things I love about the Kali books are the covers. lol The red cape looks very cool and distinguishes the books from all the dark covers in the UF genre.

    • She does have awesome covers. I like that the main character that kicks butt in this story is female and not male, too. Girl power!

  2. Amy, thank you for the great review! I’m lucky to have fans like you who support the Kali series and want more. Kali and Rad (and Damon) are back in the third book in the series, Sweet Soldier. Lucifer’s back too. I have never had more fun writing a series than I’ve had with this group of characters.

    Sweet Chaos will available in print next week for those who prefer a hard copy. Thanks again, Amy!

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