Review & Giveaway: THE DEVLIN GROUP Series by Shannon Stacey

Updated – Congratulations to Danielle B! chose her comment as the winner for a digital set of The Devlin Group! Thank you to all those who participated!  For the rest of you, go out and read these books because I hear Shannon is working on the fourth one in the series! Here is a little something she shared on her blog titled “What I’m Working on Today” in February.

I love romantic suspense. If I absolutely had to chose, I would say that it is my favorite romance genre.  Do you guys know that Shannon Stacey writes really good romantic suspense books? She may be well known for her Kowalski Family contemporary romance books, but her romantic suspense series about The Devlin Group is pretty darn good. Today, Shannon is giving away one digital set of all three Devlin Group books to one lucky commenter today!

The Devlin Group

Official Summary:

Alex Rossi leads a double life, and it may cost Grace Nolan her son. The Devlin Group: A privately-owned rogue agency unhindered by red tape and jurisdiction. Grace Nolan walked away from the Devlin Group carrying Alex Rossi’s child in her womb and his bullet in her shoulder. But a ghost from the past has kidnapped her son, Danny. The ransom—Alex Rossi. To get her son back, Grace will have to step back into the life she’d left behind and reveal her secret to Alex. With vengeance for his mother’s murder nearly at hand and a deadly substance on the loose, the last thing Alex Rossi needs is to find himself at the business end of Grace’s gun. Now the clock is ticking as they race to save a child and stop a madman bent on destruction. But Alex has a secret of his own, and it may be the ultimate betrayal.


Official Summary:

When an explosion rocks the Devlin Group, two agents must risk everything to save them all. Book 2 of the Devlin Group series.

Tony Casavetti emerges from an undercover assignment only to be summoned to NYC by Charlotte, the Devlin Group-s executive administrator. When he arrives, he finds out she may be ruthlessly efficient, but his assumption about her being matronly was dead wrong.

Charlotte Rhames has it all-looks, wealth and the respect she craved. But an attack on the Devlin Group throws her back into the pit of sex, money, and murder she-d crawled out of.

With Tony’s life at stake, how far is she willing to fall?


Official Summary:

Don’t hold back. Never give up. If only it was that easy…

When sabotage downs their helicopter in the mountains, Gallagher finally gets the up-close and personal time he’s been craving with fellow agent Carmen Olivera. After their rescue, the saboteur’s trail sends the Devlin Group to Africa, where Carmen tries to revert back to her cold, professional self. Except Gallagher isn’t ready to let her go. Not by a long shot.

As the Group gears up to rescue a young woman held hostage in the well-guarded compound of a guerilla warlord, Carmen tries to shove her long-time attraction for Gallagher—now jacked up by one mind-blowing night—back into its mental corner. No matter what her heart says, there’s no future with him. They’re from different worlds. Not to mention the effect a failed relationship could have on the job.

But as the mission gets blown all to hell, they find the African jungle has its own, brutal way of deciding who has a future at all…

So Many Reads Review:

72 Hours: This was a great book. I enjoyed watching Alex and Grace deal with their issues from the past and present while trying to save their son from a crazy dude. The plot moved along at a great pace, full of action and the characters were very well developed. There was just the right amount of suspense and intimacy to keep me reading!

On The Edge: I was ready for more action with this second book. I really like the bad boy hero and the strong, self confident heroine and this book had it! While the cover looks a little steamy, the book is so much more than that. It has good romance, suspense and passion, but I think there was only one major intimate scene and it was very appropriately done. I really enjoyed the back and forth between Tony and Charlotte. Charlotte was a very open, forward woman, and with her background you can see why. But that background also makes her vulnerable. Tony is still trying to figure out who he is and while they work through that, they get to deal with a crazy Greek and a double agent who try to kill them in the process. I love how these books pull you in and you end up gripping your book (or e-reader a little too tight.

No Surrender: This books was probably my favorite of the series. Even though the cover shows a smoking hot guy, the book had more suspense and action over any intimate scenes. There is a lot going on in this book and there is one character in particular that I didn’t quite trust. With everything else that has happened in the series you don’t know what to think sometimes. Turns out I was wrong and he was trustworthy. I like how Shannon has written several different highs and lows in the book to keep you reading. It causes you to hang on to each word so you don’t miss anything. I love the girls and guys from The Devlin Group and hope to read more!


All of The Devlin Group books can be found at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!



Shannon is giving away one digital set of each of these books to one reader. To enter, simply comment below and tell us if you normally read romantic suspense or if this will be your first series in the romantic suspense genre. Giveaway ends Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 11:59 pm Central Time. Winner will be notified via email and announced on website.


42 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: THE DEVLIN GROUP Series by Shannon Stacey

  1. Love romantic suspense. In my mind RS is always contemporary (I know this is not true), and contemp is my favorite genre t the moment. RS is just fun, as long as the heroine is not TSTL. I know Ms. Stacey wouldn’t do TSTL.

  2. I am a big romantic suspense reader and I love Shannon Stacey’s Devlin Group. No need to enter me in the contest as I already own them all.

  3. I love romantic suspense and these books sound amazing to read I can not believe that I never knew of Shannon Stacey I most definitely will have to check her books out.

  4. I have read all Shannon kowalski series and loved them. Have not read the decline group but I do like romantic suspense and would love to have these in my nook

  5. Love Shannon Stacey! Romance suspense on top of Shannon being the author, even better! I started off by reading one of the Kowloski family books, and I was completely hooked on Shannon’s writing. Great author, wonderful writing, exceptional to read! Can never put her books down. 🙂

  6. Love Shannon Stacey, would love to try out her romantic suspense series. This would not be my first but I love the thrill of it with the love twisted in. 🙂

  7. I have never read romantic suspense before I have read Shannon’s other series. This eries sounds like a great read can’t wait to read them hope I win.

  8. Love Shannon Stacey contemporary romance books and love romantic suspense books. The delvin is on my series to buy/read list.

  9. I saw a mention of the Devlin Group on Shannon Stacey’s FB page yesterday. I didn’t know she had an RS series until then. I love the RS genre. In fact, RS is what pulled me back into Romancelandia, after a many year hiatus.

    Although I am new to the Shannon Stacey bandwagon, I am deeply in awe of her ability to write such true to life characters. I adore the Kowalski Family series, and can’t wait to dive into the Devlin Group!

  10. I love romantic suspense and I love Shannon Stacey’s writing style!! The Kowalski family is great!! I can’t wait to read more of her!!

  11. I read, and like, romantic suspense. I didn’t realize Shannon Stacey writes it, though! I’ve read the Kowalski books plus one holiday novella, but didn’t know about these. I would appreciate the opportunity to win them!

  12. I read Shannon Stacey and I read romantic suspense, but I have never read Shannon’s take on romantic suspense. I’ll have to go find those books now!

  13. I love Shannon Stacey and the Kowalski’s! I did not know she wrote romantic suspense. I will have to try those books. I have not read romantic suspense before.

  14. Pick me! Pick me! I love romantic suspense….not to mention that I plugged my beloved Kowalski books on other authors’ FB pages to great effect.

  15. Hi there, love romantic suspense, I have all of the Kowalski books by Shannon currently out and follow her on Facebook as well as I just started reading her books in Feb. Don’t know how I missed out in these ones, thanks for the chance to read them.

  16. I love to read romantic suspense stories. I had no idea Shannon Stacy wrote them! Gah! I love her Kowalski series. Looks like I need to add more books to my TBR list! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love romantic suspense! I absolutely fell in love with the Kowalski series & I have read these 3 books as well. It is safe to say that Shannon Stacey is one of my favorite authors so even if you don’t win this contest you’ve got to read them.. you wont be disappointed!!

  18. Thank you all so much for stopping by! I love seeing all these comments. Even if you don’t win the giveaway, you really need to check these books out because I hear Shannon is working on the fourth book in this series! 🙂

  19. I love romance, of just about any type. I don’t do vampires (they scare me LOL), or sci fi/fantasy if the world building is too complicated, but other than that, if it’s a good story and an HEA, I’m there! 🙂

  20. I have only read the 1st of the Devlin series – but I hope to read them all. I can not get enough of Shannon’s books. I have LOVED every book I’ve read and recommended them to friends.

  21. I love romantic suspense, and I am always looking for new authors to enjoy in that genre. So excited that Shannon is the author because I love the Kowalski series 🙂

  22. I am in LOVE with Shannon’s Kowalski series and I’m a huge fan of romantic suspense books as well. I haven’t read any of the books in the Devlin series but I would love too 😉

  23. I love all kinds of books but especially anything by Shannon Stacey. Haven’t read this series but will check it out.

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