Character Chat & Giveaway: ROGUE’S POSSESSION by Jeffe Kennedy

Winner Update – Congratulations to Ki Pha for winning a copy of Rogue’s Possession! Thank  you to all who commented.

It’s release day for Rogue’s Possession and I have a special treat for you today.  I was lucky enough to chat with the hero and heroine of the story, Lord Rogue and Lady Gwynn as well as author Jeffe Kennedy. I love interviewing characters after I read their book and doing a chat instead of a formal interview was fun. The chat below is long, but very entertaining. You get an idea of what Rogue and Gwynn are like and I hope it makes you want to read their story! You can find all the details about Rogue’s Possession by Jeffe Kennedy (as well as and my review) here.

***Jeffe is giving away a copy of Rogue’s Possession to one commenter. Just ask Rogue, Gwynn or Jeffe a question in the comments section to enter.***

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Chat between Amy, Lord Rogue, Lady Gwynn and Jeffe Kennedy

Amy: Jeffe, thank you for letting me interview Rogue and Gwynn…or should I say Lord Rogue and Lady Gwynn?

Jeffe: Well, you know, Gwynn doesn’t care for titles so much

Jeffe: But good to stay on Lord Rogue’s good side!

Amy: My first question is for Gwynn – how would you describe the Fae realm/world through a human’s eyes?

Gwynn: It’s almost impossible to describe for people who haven’t seen it, because it’s so unlike anything in our imaginations. Think the funkiest manga rendered by a dream team of Wes Craven and – I can’t think of his name – the guy who did Nightmare Before Halloween.

Gwynn: sorry, I’ve been out of the loop for a while

Gwynn: and I really hate not being able to look shit up

Gwynn: Anyway. It’s beautiful and horrible, always intense

Amy: LOL about not being able to look stuff up. I don’t know what I would do without Google. Ha.

Gwynn: I *seriously* miss Google. Rogue has no idea what we mean, but then, he thinks he knows everything already

Rogue: I don’t think it, I do know. I have not been in person – the fae typically do not cross the Veil. It’s not without its perils. I have looked, as in a sort of vision

Amy: It seems to me that Lord Rogue does know everything…

Gwynn: don’t encourage him

Amy: This next question is for Lord Rogue – have you been to the human world in person and what did you think?

Rogue: as for what I thought – what did Gwynn say about Faerie? – beautiful, horrible and intense, yes. The “human world” is that, also

Amy: Yes, I would agree.

Amy: Another question for Gwynn – how would you describe Lord Rogue to those that don’t know who he is? I am thinking the Fae all know, so perhaps if you had to describe him to your human friends?

Gwynn: You do know he’s sitting right here, listening?

Gwynn: Soooo…. I’d have to say he’s moderately good-looking

Rogue: Thank you

Gwynn: Don’t let it go to your head. He’s also arrogant, insufferably smug, high-handed, manipulative, power-hungry

Rogue: Which of us are you describing again?

Gwynn: Ha ha

Amy: Jeffe – see why I wanted to interview them together?

Jeffe: lol

Gwynn: Anyway – near as I can figure, he’s kind of like a Duke or a Prince in the social and political structure

Gwynn: he’s the most powerful sorceror I’ve yet to encounter and –

Rogue: how flattering

Gwynn: Just the truth. And in Faerie, magical power seems to trump just about everything else

Amy: I remember him protecting you, Gwynn, but I was pretty mad at him for allowing you to be with that crazy couple. However, I know there were reasons and am glad that made you who you are today.

Gwynn: YOU were mad? I still haven’t forgiven him for that.

Rogue: Yes, you have.

Gwynn: Stop that. We have company

Amy: I am pretty sure you forgave him…I remember what you did for him. 

Amy: Okay, Lord Rogue, how would you describe Gwynn? Or did she already do that for you?

Rogue: Gwynn? She is beautiful, full of beguiling human magic, clever, creative, resourceful, bewitchingly sexy

Gwynn: I’m rollling my eyes here

Amy: Resourceful is a good description. I have been impressed with that.

Rogue: Yes, it’s one of her best qualities. It makes up for the stubbornness

Amy: Stubborn means she can think for herself and I don’t think you would be happy with a woman who wasn’t strong enough to do that. 

Rogue: I think I could be VERY happy with that. I’d love to try it.

Gwynn: I’m ignoring you

Amy: Well, perhaps you need to use the green ribbons on her…

Gwynn: I cannot BELIEVE you told her about the green ribbons!

Amy: Oh, don’t blame Rogue. I know things, Gwynn. Jeffe and I are tight like that. 

Jeffe: It’s true, Gwynn – sorry about that!

Rogue: I’ve told you, lovely Gwynn – it’s nothing to be ashamed of

Gwynn: Whatever. Anyway – what was the question here?

Amy: I agree with Lord Rogue, but, moving on to another question for you both – if you guys could get away from all the craziness happening to you right now and could just be alone for a couple of days with no magic lessons or anything – where would you go?

Rogue: Bed

Gwynn: You would say that. You know, a vacation would be nice. Surely there’s somewhere where a gal can just lie on the beach and pages bring her fruity alcholic drinks

Rogue: That could be arranged, certainly.

Gwynn: yeah, yeah – at what price, huh?

Rogue: nothing you wouldn’t enjoy paying

Amy: I would trust him, Gwynn. If I weren’t married you might have some competition…

Gwynn: Easy for you to say! And c’mon over. I’ll swap places. Where do you live?

Amy: Ha ha, Gwynn, I would not want to go through what you are going through right now!

Amy: Another question for Lord Rogue – where do you go when you are away from Gwynn? You just seem to pop in and out of her presence. I am curious.

Rogue: I have many projects that require my attention

Amy: But are probably not public knowledge, right?

Gwynn: *whispers* being a megalomaniac is a full-time job

Rogue: That – and it’s difficult to explain. Humans have very different perspectives

Amy: Okay, I won’t press for further details then.

Amy: For Gwynn – I love Darling and Starling. What would you do without them?

Gwynn: I hate to think about that. They’ve been true friends to me. Probably better friends than I’ve had in my whole life.

Gwynn: Oh! Tim Burton! I *knew* I’d remember eventually

Amy: Tim Burton? He creates freaky worlds. I think I would be a little freaked out in a world like his. Although, if I had someone like Lord Rogue to guide me…

Amy: Anyway, for the readers that don’t know your story or may not remember, what are you expected to do in the Fae world? And do you think you will ever get to go back to the human world?

Gwynn: Oh look, she’s kissing up to you again. Did you cast a spell on her?

Rogue: She simply recognizes my many fine qualities

Amy: Or maybe I am just a little bit afraid of you.

Gwynn: I wish I knew – seriously.

Amy: Lord Rogue isn’t like the other characters Jeffe writes.

Rogue: It’s wise to be afraid. Gwynn could use some of that wisdom.

Gwynn: you wish

Rogue. Yes. Yes, I do.

Rogue: and Jeffe doesn’t write ME. I am who I am – she is a….

Jeffe: Translator?

Rogue: Close enough

Gwynn: It has something to do with the baby thing – and I know Rogue can’t tell me what the rules are – maybe my job is to be what I am, a scientist, and figure out the answers myself

Gwynn: A lot of the time I think my being here is just random, frankly.

Amy: I was very intrigued by the latest events surrounding you guys and Titania. Kind of scared for you to be honest. But, I really think a little Rogue or Gwynn running around will be quite entertaining, should we get to see that in your story.

Rogue: Nothing is random

Gwynn: That will be the day!

Rogue: Sooner than you think

Amy: If you guys have a little girl some day that acts just like Gwynn, I am not sure Lord Rogue will know what to do with you two. 

Rogue: Well, if she’s raised PROPERLY with the appropriate MANNERS

Amy: LOL

Gwynn: Oh, don’t sound all arch. We’re not raising a doormat – of either gender!

Amy: I would think not. Your baby will be feared and loved everywhere.

Rogue: This is true

Gwynn: if IT survived…

Rogue: Have you so little faith, my Gwynn?

Amy: If the two of you are able to stand up for your baby I don’t think even Titania can get to it.

Gwynn: my people call it “experience”

Amy: You are both pretty powerful together. Way more than you are individually.

Gwynn: Your mouth to God’s ear, honey

Amy: Well, I have probably taken up enough of your time already. My readers will love to read this chat. Thank you all again so very much for letting me interview you!

Amy: Anything to say to the readers before we leave about your story?

Gwynn: it was fun! Fun to talk to someone from the SANE world again!

Rogue: Well, in Book 3 you’ll be surprised to find out that I —

Jeffe: Oops! No you don’t! No telling the future

Jeffe: See? *I* am more powerful than both of them put together.

* * * * *

Giveaway DetailsAre you interested in winning a copy of Rogue’s Possession?  If so, just comment below and ask Rogue, Gwynn, or Jeffe a question!  Giveaway ends 11:59 pm central time on Tuesday, October 8, 2013.  Winner will be notified via email and announced on the blog.

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  1. I loved the first book, I couldn’t wait for this one because the ending of the first was when the story was really getting great. I see that theirs a third book, how many do you have planned for the series? Will we get a book from Rogue’s POV?

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