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Today at So Many Reads we are celebrating the release of Mistress of the Wind by Michelle Diener with a review and giveaway.

If you are fond of fairy tales and fantasy, you should check out Mistress of the Wind. I will admit that I have a tough time getting into fairy tales because it seems the walls on my imagination only allow me to go so far. However, Michelle’s writing is fantastic and she sets my mind free and helps me really visualize what is going on in the story.

Mistress-of-the-Wind-300Mistress of the Wind is a retelling of the fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon. I don’t know that specific fairy tale, so I am not sure how much it follows, but Mistress of the Wind is very entertaining. From the beginning of the story I was intrigued. Bjorn is searching for the one woman who will break his enchantment and she comes in the form of a female named Astrid.

One thing I love about Michelle’s writing is that it never lacks for imagery whether it is the people or the settings. The descriptions of the characters and telling of the story pull you into the story whether you plan for that or not. I could actually feel the wind, water, dampness of the Earth, fire and the emotions of the characters.

The pace of the book flowed well and the development of the characters was great. I loved Astrid’s strong personality and the path it took her to understand her real power and purpose in her life. Bjorn was an interesting character. He knew what he needed to do and at first I thought he just wanted Astrid as a means to an end, but through the way he treated her and the others around him, I realize how much he loves Astrid and his people. I enjoyed it when Bjorn was amused by and proud of Astrid’s defiance, too. Bottom line, if you like fairy tales and being pulled into a fantasy world, Mistress of the Wind is for you.

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About the Book:

Title: Mistress of the Wind
Author: Michelle Diener
Publisher: Season Publishing
Release Date: December 19, 2013
Category: Paranormal / Fantasy Romance
Source: ARC received from Author via NetGalley

Book Summary:

Bjorn needs to find a very special woman . . .

The fate of his people, and his own life, depends on it. But when he does find her, she is nothing like he imagined, and may just harbor more secrets than he does himself.

Astrid has never taken well to commands. No matter who issues them . . .

She’s clashed her whole life with her father, and now her lover, the mysterious man who comes to her bedroom in darkness and disappears to guard his mountain by day as a bear, is finding it out the hard way. And when he’s taken by his enemies, no one is prepared for Astrid’s response.

It is never wise to anger the mistress of the wind . . .

A captivating and magical retelling of the fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

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About the Author:

MD photoMichelle Diener writes historical fiction. Her Susanna Horenbout & John Parker series, set in the court of Henry VIII, includes In a Treacherous Court, Keeper of the King’s Secrets and In Defense of the Queen.

Michelle’s other historical novels include Daughter of the Sky, The Emperor’s Conspiracy and Banquet of Lies (loosely connected to The Emperor’s Conspiracy).

Michelle’s first fantasy novel, Mistress of the Wind, is set for a December 23, 2013, release.

Michelle was born in London, grew up in South Africa and currently lives in Australia with her husband and two children.

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