Review: MASTER OF THE OPERA, ACT 6: CRESCENDO by Jeffe Kennedy

I was curious how Master of the Opera Act 6: Crescendo by Jeffe Kennedy was going to compare to Act 5: A Haunting Duet and was even a little nervous. A Haunting Duet was so powerful to the story. However, Crescendo did not disappoint. Jeffe was able to tie up the story very well and pull together all the additional story lines into one final episode of this e-serial. I was quite surprised at the turn of events, too!

Master Of The Opera Act 6 (eBook)We were left in A Haunting Duet with Christine escaping the Sanclaro compound. In Crescendo we get to see how she handles everything once she is out and the knowledge that she has gained. She now has an idea of what she needs to do in order to free Master. How is she going to do it, though?

Reading this final act I was sad to see it end. I wanted more of Christine and Master. I was so pleased to see Christine’s father in the picture, though, and he totally kicked butt against those Sanclaro’s. For those that have been following the story you will love it. Jeffe sure had me in quite a fit of emotions at the end. I thought it was going to end one way and was coming to terms with it but then she gave me quite a surprise!  All I can say is that I hope this series comes out bundled together because I can’t wait to read it all again at one time.

Reviewed by Amy 3

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About the Book:

TitleCrescendo (Master of the Opera, Act 6)
AuthorJeffe Kennedy
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: March 20, 2014
Category: Erotic Romance
Source: ARC received from Publisher via NetGalley

Book Summary:

In the sixth and final installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s sizzling Master of the Opera, a man and a woman risk everything they’ve ever loved-for the most dangerous passion they’ve ever known. . .

Caught in a web of secrets and lies, Christy Davis has come under the suspicion of the local police. Since becoming an intern at the Sante Fe Opera House, she has witnessed strange occurences in the underground tunnels. She has heard inexplicable whispers in the shadows after midnight. And she has found the lover of her dreams in the masked man who lives down below. But after the discovery of a dead body and other sinister events, Christy realizes that her life is in danger. Two men hold her fate in their hands: Roman, the opera house’s wealthy benefactor who uses his money and power to control her. And the masked maestro known as the Master who demands her surrender and commands her pleasure with each stroke. Both want her; only one can have her. . .

In a rising crescendo of madness, obsession, and lust, Christy must take a chance and follow her heart-to a breathtaking climax as powerful as love itself.

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