Review: ROGUE’S PARADISE by Jeffe Kennedy

Holy freaking cow. Fantasy is not normally my genre of choice, but the way Jeffe Kennedy writes it, well, wow. Rogue’s Paradise is the third book in her Covenant of Thorns series and by far my favorite. It’s the culmination of everything Rogue and Gwynn have been through in the first two books. It’s the book with the most emotional ups and downs. It’s the book that shows the true, deep connection between Gwynn, Rogue, Faerie and the Human realm. It’s also the book that shows what is going to come of Titania as well as Rogue, Gwynn and their child.

You really need to read the first two books in the series before you read this one. It is not a hardship, though, let me tell you. The entire series is quite an adventure. One of the things I like most about it is that the whole fantasy world of Faerie is looked at/lived in by a human. So, we get to see how a human reacts to it. Gwynn continues to journal since she looks at things scientifically and has a lot of theories about the Faerie. I have enjoyed watching Rogue and Gwynn grow throughout the series. Rogue is really starting to understand Gwynn’s mind and Gwynn is starting to let go of needing some of those hard and fast facts that she craves.

Since I am very much a character-driven reader, my focus has always been on Rogue and Gwynn in this series. The fantasy and other world aspects came second to me. Jeffe does a fantastic job at the world building and always describes things in a way you can easily visualize. Because the story is in Gwynn’s point of view and she is human, we are able to connect with her examples and analogies.

As with all of the books in the Covenant of Thorns series, the relationships between the characters is quite entertaining. From Rogue and Gwynn themselves to the secondary characters. Many of them grow closer with one another over the books and you see that come out in the relaxed banter that happens. You can’t help but wish you were with them (except for when Queen Titania and her minions are attacking). Some swoon-worthy aspects of the book that I loved included Rogue’s planning of some special things as he saw them in Gwynn’s mind, much to her surprise and satisfaction and the way he handled the intimacy. We all wanted some smokin’ hot love scenes, right? Well, we got them in Rogue’s Paradise. They fit the characters and the story and trust me, you will not be disappointed. I hate to say it, but the wait was worth it (don’t get any idea for delaying this in future series, though, Jeffe!). The wedding scene and vows also made me sigh blissfully. I didn’t think Rogue had all that romancy stuff in him.

I still feel like I haven’t really explained how awesome Rogue’s Paradise is, but just know that it is the best in the series. Jeffe does not disappoint and ties up all loose ends you could ever wonder about. She also throws in a little relationship conflict that was new to Rogue and Gwynn and had me freaking out a bit, but followed it up with some spectacular scenes. You really need to read the entire series. If anything just to get to Rogue’s Paradise!

Reviewed by Amy

* * * * *

Title: Rogue’s Paradise (Covenant of Thorns, #3)

Author: Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date: September 8, 2014

Category: Fantasy Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

Book Summary:

Pregnant, possessed, and in love with a man I don’t dare to trust-those are the consequences of the risks I took to save my life. But Faerie, the land of blood and magic, is filled with bitter ironies, and the bargains I made now threaten me and my unborn child.

The darkly sensual fae noble Rogue still tempts me to danger and desire. As we await the birth of our child, I’ve been forced to question whether our offspring is part of a bargain Rogue once made to save himself. He can’t tell me the truth due to a spell the vicious Queen Titania has him under. Would he betray our family against his will? Could I ever forgive him if he does?

Rogue insists on an eternal commitment from me, even as Titania’s forces close in on us. I don’t know if Rogue and I can withstand her onslaught, or that of the beast within me. But I will not stop looking for answers-even if it brings the walls of Faerie crashing down.


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