Review: NO PLACE TO HIDE by Shannon Stacey

I freaking loved No Place To Hide by Shannon Stacey. I first knew of Stacey for her contemporary romance, and was ecstatic when I learned she had a romantic suspense series (my favorite genre). I just love the adrenaline rush that comes with the action scenes. Not only does Stacey write engaging characters, hot romance and exciting stories, she also includes a nice balance of heart racing scenes to keep you on the edge and flipping pages.

noplacetohideNo Place To Hide is the fourth book in The Devlin Group series and features Jack and Isabelle from No Surrender. Jack’s team members went through quite a bit to rescue Isabelle in the last book. While you don’t have to read No Surrender to enjoy No Place to Hide, it does give you a bit more emotion and understanding regarding some of the hesitation for certain members to get involved again where Isabelle is concerned. There is a contract out on Isabelle’s life and she calls Jack for help. it is pretty intense from the beginning and doesn’t really let up until the end.

I really enjoy how Stacey was able to write whole book about people being on the run form a hitman, spending most of their time hiding out in hotels and it not get boring or redundant. The characters drove the story even though there was serious danger and life or death action scenes. The relationship between Jack and Isabelle and even Devil Group member, Ty West was entertaining to watch the entire time. Something I love about a series is reading about past characters so it was fun when the other members of the group were involved, especially Gallagher, Jack’s boss. Let’s just say they don’t always see eye to eye. Oh, and the cover of the book? Totally Jack with two guns.

The writing in No Place To Hide was smooth and the pacing was right on. I couldn’t put the book down and while I really wanted Isabelle and Jack to have closure I hated finishing the book. The action scenes were great, although sometimes I had a bit of difficultly following what was happening and had to reread them to make sure I followed. It didn’t affect the pleasure I had in reading the book, however. The love scenes were a nice balance to the suspenseful scenes and I feel they complemented Jack and Isabelle’s relationship well. The evil dude that was paid to kill Isabelle was super creepy. Definitely made my skin crawl when he said her name so those scenes definitely caused my heart rate to spike.

While Jack was the main character in the story and Isabelle’s love interest, I fell in love with supporting character, Ty. I really hope that Stacey plans another book for him. He has such a great personality, stole the show sometimes and is just beginning his career with the group. If you like romantic suspense with…well, if you like romantic suspense in general, I think you will like this No Place To Hide. Happy Reading!

Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: No Place To Hide (The Devlin Group, #4)

Author: Shannon Stacey

Release Date: August 20, 2014

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Amazon


Jack Donovan went through hell and back to save Isabelle once. Now she’s back in his life, hunted by an assassin so elusive some claim he’s only an urban legend. More than just a gun for hire, the killer is driven by a pathological need to take down his targets and, when Isabelle escapes the bullet meant for her, Jack knows he’ll strike again. The only way to keep her alive is to keep her close, and Jack’s about to learn what hell really is.

In the year since Jack rescued her from a guerrilla compound and then walked away, Isabelle Arceneau has begun to put her life back on track. Now somebody wants her dead and Jack is once again her only hope for survival. As the Devlin Group races to uncover the killer’s identity and Jack and Isabelle go on the run in a desperate bid to keep her alive, she knows she can trust him with her life, but never again with her heart.

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