Review: LUCKY GIRL HITS THE JACKPOT by Denise Swanson

In Lucky Girls Hits The Jackpot by Denise Swanson, Delaney Smallwood is a teacher in the small town of Cedar Vale, Illinois. She is struggling to make ends meet and agrees to tutor a new student over the summer. Spencer DeWitt has just moved his family from Philadelphia to Illinois.Recovering from his wife’s death and trying to raise his daughter, Spencer has no time for sexy Delaney.

lgj-fcovExcept the two are undeniably attracted to each other. Then Delaney wins the lottery and her life is changed. Knowing what money can do to a person, Spencer fights against his attraction to her even harder. Will Delaney remain the same person after her windfall? Will she and Spencer give in to their attraction?

I really enjoyed Delaney’s character. I think she might be my favorite of the series. Delaney has such a warm personality and a huge heart. The saying that so and so would give someone the shirt off their back describes Delaney to a T.

The chemistry between Delaney and Spencer is super hot. Spencer fought so hard against acting on that attraction. Delaney totally turned his ordered world upside down and for the better.

Lucky Girl Hits the Jackpot is the second book in the Change of Heart series. It can be read as a stand alone.

Readers who love small town romances with a quirky cast of characters need to add this book and series to their TBR list immediately.

Reviewed by Candy* * * * *

About the Book:

Title: Lucky Girl Hits the Jackpot (Change of Heart, #2)

Author: Denise Swanson

Release Date: October 3, 2015

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received via Author

Book Summary:

The last place Delaney Smallwood ever expects to find herself is at the Illinois State Lottery office, holding a check with more zeros than she’s ever seen before. The last person cynical attorney Spencer DeWitt ever expects to be attracted to is a quixotic millionaire schoolteacher. The last thing either wants is a relationship. Can kisses hotter than a Midwest July thrust two such opposite people into a forever kind of love?

Delaney believes life is an adventure, but when she receives a lottery ticket for a birthday she’s not having from a father she hasn’t heard from in eighteen years, not even her horoscope can predict the astonishing outcome.

While Delaney’s lively intelligence makes her a great teacher, she uses her sarcastic wit to avoid intimacy, suppressing her deeply passionate nature.

Spencer is responsible, decisive, and in control, but his world was destroyed when he couldn’t stop his wife’s downward spiral into alcohol, drugs, and depravity. When she died in the arms of her lover during a high-speed automobile accident, Spencer lost all faith in his ability to right the wrongs evident all around him. Renouncing his affluent lifestyle, he moves to a small town in Illinois, determined to save his daughter from a life of too many dollars and not enough sense.

How can a man whose guilt makes him believe he doesn’t deserve love and a woman who doesn’t trust men ever find each other? Before they have a chance to try, Delaney wins the lottery and becomes everything Spencer has rejected. With her newfound wealth, Delaney and Spencer can’t agree on anything…except the chemistry between them.

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