Review: SMART GIRL SWEPT AWAY by Denise Swanson

In Smart Girl Swept Away by Denise Swanson, Sheridan Davis,  a best selling feminist author hasn’t been home to Sutton Falls since her mother passed away. The victim of bullying,  Sheridan has worked hard to put her high school trauma behind her. When her father gets injured and needs her help, Sheridan returns home determined to hire a home health aide and then leave. She wants nothing to do with the town or its inhabitants,  especially her high school crush,  Ridge Sutton. Ridge is now the mayor of Sutton Falls and he’s also freshly divorced,  struggling to care for his tween daughter. When Ridge runs into Sheridan sparks immediately fly. As a flood threatens the town, can Ridge and Sheridan put aside their past and find love?

26808324When I first started reading this book I was somewhat annoyed by how Sheridan constantly focused on how she was bullied on prom night. Then she confessed the details to Ridge and my heart broke for her. Sheridan was extremely lucky the event didn’t escalate any further. She had every reason to turn her back on the town.

I absolutely could not stand Alexis Sutton, Ridge’s ex wife and Sheridan ‘s tormentor from high school. She was a mean, self-centered, vindictive witch of a character  (and that’s me being nice!). She made me want to reach through my Kindle and slap her. I enjoyed how Sheridan wasn’t a stereotypical feminist. She enjoyed wearing nice clothes and make up. She definitely enjoyed Ridge. Swanson does an excellent job of showing that not all feminists are slobby dressers who hate men.

Swanson does a phenomenal job with her hero just like in the first book. Ridge is caring,  sexy, and very protective of his daughter. He takes his responsibilities to the town and his family very seriously. His all out war on Sheridan ‘s heart was fun to watch.

Smart Girl Swept Away is the third book in the Change of Heart series (it can be read as a stand alone ). Readers who enjoy Jill Shalvis or Susan Mallery should add this fun romance to their TBR list.

Reviewed by Candy* * * * *

About the Book:

Title: Smart Girl Swept Away (Change of Heart, #3)

Author: Denise Swanson

Release Date: October 3, 2015

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

Book Summary:

When feminist author Sheridan Davis is forced to return to Sutton Falls, Illinois, to care for her estranged father, the last person she wants to run into is Ridge Sutton. Meeting Ridge, who has matured from handsome to gorgeous, while she looks as if she’s spent the night in a cardboard box is so not how Sheridan pictured seeing her high school crush again. Especially not after what he and his friends did to her the night of their senior prom.

Ridge is stunned that he didn’t recognize Sheridan. As often as he’s thought about her, her image should be permanently imprinted on his brain. Then again, she doesn’t look like the eighteen-year-old girl he daydreamed about in high school. Or even the woman in the photo on the dust cover of her books. Has she really changed that much, or is it him?

Ridge is tired of being dependable. Tired of trying to live up to his mother’s expectations. And most of all, tired of the life in which he’s allowed himself to become trapped. Tricked into a disastrous marriage that ended in a divorce and stuck in the role of Sutton Falls’ mayor, Ridge is ready for a change.

However, now is not a good time to abandon his responsibilities. With the town under the threat of a flood, and the levee that could save it owned by the Davis family, Ridge must balance his personal desires against his duty to the citizens of Sutton Falls.

Although neither Sheridan nor Ridge trust each other, sparks fly whenever they’re together. The sex may be terrific, but Sheridan questions whether Ridge’s interest is genuine or due to his desire to buy the levee, while Ridge wonders if Sheridan’s sudden sentimental attachment to the land is sincere or just a way to drive up the price.

While floodwaters creep higher and higher, can Sheridan and Ridge make peace with their past? Or will their growing love be swept away in a sea of doubt?

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