Review: MAN HUNT by Misty Evans

Title: Man Hunt (Spies of Shadow Force, #1)

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC Received from Author

Reviewed by Amy

* * * *

Man Hunt by Misty Evans is the first in the Spies of Shadow Force series as they form their Nemesis group. It’s fantastic! I am a big fan of anything spy-related so I was glad to see a series like this get started. Evans writes spies so incredibly well.

Ryker and Mia are such interesting characters from the beginning. They both have their secrets, but what spy doesn’t? Evans knows how to pull at a reader’s heartstrings, even when she writes big bad spies and SEALs. Just add in an adorable little boy and a dog who wants to be loved. 

Ryker and Mia are forced to work together to bring down an international criminal under the newly formed Nemesis division of Shadow Force International. What makes this story so interesting is that it is Mia’s first undercover operation and she and Ryker have only just met in person a days before they embark on the mission There are a lot of things that can go wrong. Will they get the job done? 

What did I like most about Man Hunt? The different plots that unfolded throughout the story. The overall mission was fresh and new as was going with Mia on her first mission. The romance between Ryker and Mia that developed was fun because they had to pose as a married couple. Evans writes some hilarious scenes between the two and also some very touching ones. I laughed a lot, I yelled a few times, and I felt my heart speed up with action and suspense. In the end, I finished the story with so much hope and a full heart. I can’t wait to read another Spies of Shadow Force book! 

* * * * *

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