Review: MAN KILLER by Misty Evans

Title: Man Killer (Spies of Shadow Force, #2)

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Reviewed by Amy

* * * * *

Man Killer by Misty Evans is the second book in the Spies of Shadow Force series. If you like spies and romance, give this series a read. Man Killer features Mick and Cassandra, two unlikely spies. Mick is a SEAL recently rescued from prison by Shadow Force and Cassandra is Shadow Force’s chief operating officer and attorney. Together they are thrown into the world of espionage in order to save the world.

My favorite character of the story was probably Cassie. She is a serious person who wants to do her job well and open up her own law firm. She wants to ignore her attraction to Mick for fear of it messing with her life plan. Luckily her heart guides her on this mission and she can’t help but fall in love with him. Mitch isn’t too shabby either. He isn’t too sure of Beatrice and is skeptical he will ever join her team, but he understands when to step up for his country and for innocent humans around the world.

The best scenes were the ones where Cassie found her confidence and took control of situations whether it was when she was acting as her undercover character or just during the quiet moments with Mick.

Evans always writes great action scenes and the ones in Man Killer are no exception. They had my heart beating rapidly, flipping pages, and wondering how in the world everyone was going to get out alive! So, if you are looking for an entertaining romantic suspense book to read, give Man Killer a try!

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