Interview with authors Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey!

Candy and I had many questions for authors Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey regarding Alternate Connection a well as their writing process. We were lucky enough to snag them when they had some time in their busy release schedule to interview them!

Alternate ConnectionWelcome to the blog, Chris and Cecilia!

Thank you for inviting us, Amy and Candy.

You just published the long-awaited third novel in your Countermeasure Series – Alternate Connection. How good does it feel to have that one published?

It feels surreal. The path to completion has been long and we are very excited to have this installment finished and in the hands of readers.

Chris, how hard was it to write Nathan’s point of view after writing Trevor’s for so long? Especially since Nathan and Trevor cannot really stand one another?

Just like the readers, I had made my opinion about Nathan. And it kicked me in the ***. Once I started to see more of Nathan, things just flowed really well. As for Trevor and Nathan, I don’t believe they couldn’t stand each. They just had not given each other a chance to show their true colors. I hope that will change with Alternate Connection for all as it did for me.

Cecilia, how did you manage to write a heroine like Rachael that would love Nathan the way she does when readers of the first two novels were so frustrated with him? Were you nervous about how they would accept Rachael? Continue reading

Spotlight, Excerpt & Interview: THE TALON OF THE HAWK by Jeffe Kennedy

Have you heard about Jeffe Kennedy’s Twelve Kingdom Series? Last week the third book in the series, The Talon of the Hawk released and today we not only have an excerpt from the book but we have an interview with the author. So, sit back, relax and enjoy today’s spotlight on The Talon of the Hawk and author Jeffe Kennedy!

Author Interview


the talon of the hawkWelcome back to So Many Reads, Jeffe! Always nice to have you here! Congratulations on the release of The Talon of the Hawk! This series of yours is sure getting a lot of attention, which is wonderful!

Thanks Amy! I’m always happy to visit with you. And yes – it’s been amazing how much readers love this series. I’m over the moon about it!

Let’s talk about your different genres. What inspired you to writing in the ones that you currently write – fantasy and contemporary erotic romance (and any others I don’t know about)?

I write in a lot of genres, it’s true. I’ve also written nonfiction – personal essays and memoir, mainly – poetry, and even literary fiction. They all feel the same to me. A story is a story. No matter the genre, I’m always exploring people and how they think, feel and change. The erotic aspects come about because sex and intimacy is always interesting to me. Sex is a core human experience. Fantasy comes in because I love magic and alternate realities.

Do you work on one book at a time when writing the actual book (not including edits, etc) or do you often work on multiple books?

I’m a monogamous kind of gal – I work on one book at a time and write it beginning to end. When I have to break away to do edits, etc. on something else, I don’t like it. I need to really immerse in a story.

Do you go back and forth between your fantasy and contemporary romance books or do you try to finish one series and then start another series in a different genre?

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Interview & Giveaway: Covenant of Thorns Series by Jeffe Kennedy

So, now that I have calmed down a bit from reading Rogue’s Paradise by Jeffe Kennedy, I thought it would be fun to interview the mastermind behind this epic (yes, epic in my world) fantasy series titled Covenant of Thorns. Jeffe is also giving away one digital copy of any books in the series (winner’s choice) to one lucky commenter today!  So, without further ado…

* * * * *

Note: There are a few spoilers in this interview, so read at your own risk. 🙂

IMG_47902-small-200x300Amy: Thank you for stopping by the blog today, Jeffe!

Jeffe: I’m happy to! You know you’re one of my favorite readers and top fans of Covenant of Thorns.

Amy: What was your inspiration for the Covenant of Thorns Series?

Jeffe: Well, I trace it back to a series of dreams I had quite some time ago. I dreamed of being Gwynn – the scene with the Black Dog in the bathing chamber and of kissing Liam by the tents – along with other bits and pieces that worked their way in. The underwater scene in Rogue’s Paradise is another. There are more, too, which I think of as her later adventures, that I might write some day. I pieced it together from there.

Amy: How about Rogue and Gwynn?

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Interview & Giveaway: OFF THE EDGE by Carolyn Crane

Update – Congratulations to Brenda for winning a copy of one of Carolyn’s Undercover Associates Books! Thank you to all those who participated!

I had the privilege of interviewing a newish-to-me author, Carolyn Crane after reading the second book in her Undercover Associates Series. If you missed it, check out my review of Off the Edge here. In addition to getting to know Carolyn better, she is giving away a digital copy of either Against the Dark (Book 1) or Off the Edge (Book 2) to one lucky commenter (open internationally). So, don’t leave before commenting below!

* * * * *

Interview with Carolyn Crane

Amy: Thanks for joining us at So Many Reads today, Carolyn! Will you tell us a little about yourself?

OffTheEdge-CarolynCrane-500x750Carolyn: Amy, thank you so much for having me. Okay, about myself. I live in a condo in Minneapolis with my husband, who is also a writer, and two cats. So we lead this bookish life. This new neighbor just moved downstairs and we were so excited to find he is a quiet lawyer. I work as a freelance advertising writer, too, so my days tend to be split between fiction and writing websites for various widgets etc. I’m kind of sporty–I love to run and do yoga, and I’m a freak about animals. Like, animals in peril. I want to save them all!

Amy: I am new to your books – have only read the first two Undercover Associates books – what else besides romantic suspense do you write?

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Interview & Giveaways: RECKLESS by Skye Jordan

Skye Jordan is celebrating her new release Reckless with a pretty fancy blog tour. Did you get a look at the prizes she has below? I have Skye here with us today for some questions about why she started writing erotic romance and about her book Reckless. Oh, and don’t leave before checking out the awesome prizes below!

* * * * *

Interview with Skye Jordan:

reckless.cover.600x900Amy (with So Many Reads): Thanks for joining us today, Skye. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Skye: Hi! And thanks for having me!  I’m a USA Today bestselling author writing uber-hot, contemporary romance as Skye Jordan. I love the super sexy genre and am excited to be able to branch out and share my writing with a whole new group of readers!

Amy: What got you started writing erotic romance?

Skye: My romantic suspense romance grew hotter as my series developed and I found myself pulling back from the super-hot sex to suit the genre, even though that’s what my characters wanted and needed. I wanted to branch out and explore the challenge of writing more sexually charged works without interfering with my suspense brand…and Skye Jordan was born.

Amy: It seems many times, those that haven’t read erotic romance seem to think it is just about sex. What would you tell them in order for them to give it a try?

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