Review: SWEET GIRL UNDONE by Denise Swanson

In Sweet Girl Undone by Denise Swanson, Lucy Wheeler is fed up with being taken for granted. She’s done with being nice and dependable. The first change she wants to make in her life is her love life. There’s just one little problem: her high school sweetheart, Reverend Curtis Campbell is the minister of her church and he’s the only man Lucy wants to be with.  Curt dumped her in college via text message and Lucy has never forgot that. Lucy decides to confront Curt and fond out just exactly why he dumped her. The two start dating again but Curt is worried Lucy doesn’t want to be a minister’s wife and that Lucy might distract him from what his congregation needs. Can Lucy and Curt put his doubts and fears to rest and find true love?

26808331When I first read the blurb for this novella I was intrigued and worried. I know pastors have personal lives but it’s not something I think about. It’s also rare in romance for a hero to be a minister. However, Swanson does a great job of respecting Curt as a man of God while at the same time delivering a sweet romance.

Curt was very frustrating throughout the book. First of all who dumps someone via text??? Secondly he kept thinking he didn’t deserve to have a personal life. He also kept thinking that Lucy wouldn’t want to deal with the extra scrutiny of being his wife. Fortunately he got his head on straight and redeemed himself by the end of the story.

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Review: SMART GIRL SWEPT AWAY by Denise Swanson

In Smart Girl Swept Away by Denise Swanson, Sheridan Davis,  a best selling feminist author hasn’t been home to Sutton Falls since her mother passed away. The victim of bullying,  Sheridan has worked hard to put her high school trauma behind her. When her father gets injured and needs her help, Sheridan returns home determined to hire a home health aide and then leave. She wants nothing to do with the town or its inhabitants,  especially her high school crush,  Ridge Sutton. Ridge is now the mayor of Sutton Falls and he’s also freshly divorced,  struggling to care for his tween daughter. When Ridge runs into Sheridan sparks immediately fly. As a flood threatens the town, can Ridge and Sheridan put aside their past and find love?

26808324When I first started reading this book I was somewhat annoyed by how Sheridan constantly focused on how she was bullied on prom night. Then she confessed the details to Ridge and my heart broke for her. Sheridan was extremely lucky the event didn’t escalate any further. She had every reason to turn her back on the town.

I absolutely could not stand Alexis Sutton, Ridge’s ex wife and Sheridan ‘s tormentor from high school. She was a mean, self-centered, vindictive witch of a character  (and that’s me being nice!). She made me want to reach through my Kindle and slap her. I enjoyed how Sheridan wasn’t a stereotypical feminist. She enjoyed wearing nice clothes and make up. She definitely enjoyed Ridge. Swanson does an excellent job of showing that not all feminists are slobby dressers who hate men.

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Review: LUCKY GIRL HITS THE JACKPOT by Denise Swanson

In Lucky Girls Hits The Jackpot by Denise Swanson, Delaney Smallwood is a teacher in the small town of Cedar Vale, Illinois. She is struggling to make ends meet and agrees to tutor a new student over the summer. Spencer DeWitt has just moved his family from Philadelphia to Illinois.Recovering from his wife’s death and trying to raise his daughter, Spencer has no time for sexy Delaney.

lgj-fcovExcept the two are undeniably attracted to each other. Then Delaney wins the lottery and her life is changed. Knowing what money can do to a person, Spencer fights against his attraction to her even harder. Will Delaney remain the same person after her windfall? Will she and Spencer give in to their attraction?

I really enjoyed Delaney’s character. I think she might be my favorite of the series. Delaney has such a warm personality and a huge heart. The saying that so and so would give someone the shirt off their back describes Delaney to a T.

The chemistry between Delaney and Spencer is super hot. Spencer fought so hard against acting on that attraction. Delaney totally turned his ordered world upside down and for the better.

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Review: GOOD GIRL OVERBOARD by Denise Swanson

In Good Girl Overboard by Denise Swanson, Darcy Simmons thought she had put her days of reviewing cruise ships behind her. All she wanted to do was write her novel and plan her wedding. When Darcy catches her fiancè, Yale, cheating on her with a barely legal young woman, Darcy calls off the wedding.  Yale skips town leaving Darcy to pay the bills and forcing her to go back to a job she loathes. Deciding to mend her broken heart with a fling while on assignment,  Darcy literally bumps into her dream guy. Only it turns out this dream guy is also the ship’s captain, Mitch James. Can Darcy stay objective with her review and have the fling of a lifetime?

24990558This is Denise Swanson ‘s first contemporary romance and I have to say she that she wrote an excellent book. Good Girl Overboard is a cute,  sexy,and fast paced read with well developed characters. When I finished this book, I gave out a long sigh because I didn’t want it to end.

Darcy is great as the heroine. She is smart, funny and caring. Darcy struggles throughout the book to remain objective. When her boss tells her to find something wrong with the ship or else, Darcy decides to face the or else even if it means financial ruin.

Mitch is a terrific choice for Darcy’s HEA. Despite being the owners son, Mitch remains humble throughout the book.Their chemistry is instantaneous and hot! When Yale shows up on the ship, Mitch goes into full Alpha mode to protect her from the slime ball.

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