Review: FREEFALL by Jill Sorenson

In Freefall by Jill Sorenson, Hope Banning and her sister Faith are on their way to a white water rafting trip. Hope, a Park Ranger at Sierra National Park,  gets a call about a plane crash near her station. Knowing that time is critical, Hope sends her sister on without her and makes plans to hike to the crash site. She can’t go alone and Sam Rutherford, who saw the plane go down is the only option to be her climbing partner. Sam and Hope have a past but Hope is counting on Sam to act professional. When they reach the crash site, the couple realizes that a murder has occurred and that drugs are involved. Meanwhile,  Faith is put in danger when the mysterious Jay literally shows up out of nowhere on the rafting trip. Can Hope save her sister? Can Sam and Hope rekindle their one night stand and turn it into something more?

16160034Sorenson delivers again with another action packed thriller!  Her characters are battling not just the elements but a murderous drug cartel. No one can be trusted to help out Sam and Hope.

Sam Rutherford was first introduced in Aftershock. He was in a coma after Lauren Boyer rescued him. In this book, we finally get to learn more about him and the mysterious Melissa he kept asking for. Hope was a great character to read about. She was a kick butt take no prisoners character. She did not put up with Sam’s crap and it forced him to realize that he needed to stop living in the past.

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Review: THE COWBOY’S CLAIM by Carla Cassidy

In The Cowboy’s Claim by Carla Cassidy, Courtney Chambers has a huge secret. Two years ago she showed up in Grady Gulch, Oklahoma, pregnant with no where to go. She’s been working at the Cowboy Café ever since but no one knows who  the father of her child is . One night her ex-boyfriend, Nick Benson, shows up out of the blue. Nick and Courtney had kept their relationship quiet because Courtney was fearful of what her society parents would say about her dating a cowboy. Fed up with being her dirty secret, Nick left town and hasn’t been home in two years. His plan is to get the family ranch back on its feet and then head back to Texas. That is until he learns that he has a son with Courtney. Can Courtney and Nick put their past behind them and find love again?

51fNiS1OidL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_There is something sexy about a cowboy. Make him into a doting father as well and Nick Benson becomes book boyfriend material. Not only is Nick a hard worker but his interactions with his son Garrett will have readers melting.

Courtney was extremely protective of her son and rightly so. She had no clue how long Nick was staying. Even though she should have contacted Nick when Garrett was born,  it’s understandable why she was hesitant to let Nick around him.

Besides the romance in this book, there is also some suspense. Courtney keeps thinking that someone is watching her. She even finds a mysterious box full of toys left outside her door for Garrett. She finally confesses to Nick her fears after she is in a car wreck and ends up in the hospital. There was a surprising plot twist as to who left the toys and  watching Courtney that I did not see coming.

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Review: HER COWBOY DISTRACTION by Carla Cassidy

In Her Cowboy Distraction by Carla Cassidy, when Lizzie Wiles mother passed away, she promised her mom that she would take her inheritance and cross off everything on her bucket list. That’s how she ended up working at the Cowboy Café in Grady Gulch, Oklahoma. After a few weeks of working there, Lizzie notices that every Friday night a certain hot cowboy comes in and orders two pieces of pie and one coffee, but he never eats the second piece. Finally Lizzie works up the courage to introduce herself to Daniel Jefferson. Daniel mourning the loss of his wife and perky Lizzie is too much of a distraction. Daniel can’t help but be attracted to her and the two strike up what is supposed to be a platonic friendship. When Lizzie finds a dead body and then she herself is attacked,  the entire town is thrown into an uproar. Can Daniel protect Lizzie?  Will Lizzie stay in town long enough for her and Daniel to be more than just friends?

0612-9781459233911-bigwI loved Lizzie ‘s character. She was such a free spirit and a hoot to read about. Lizzie is one of those characters that embraces everything life has to offer. It was hard not to read about her enthusiasm and not smile.

Daniel makes the perfect hero. A brooding cowboy who has walled himself off, thinking he doesn’t deserve to be happy because he blames himself for his wife’s death. It was fun watching Lizzie break down his barriers. When she gets attacked Daniel goes into full Alpha mode to make sure his woman is safe.

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Review: AFTERSHOCK by Jill Sorenson

In Aftershock by Jill Sorenson It’s just a normal day on the job for San Diego paramedic,  Lauren Boyer. That is until THE BIG ONE strikes. An 8.5 earthquake rocks San Diego and leaves Lauren trapped under a freeway, her partner dead. Lauren quickly helps those that she can and be friends a group of strangers including veteran, Garrett Wright. Garrett jumps right in to help rescue everyone that he and Lauren can. Lauren notices that Garrett seems to be hiding something but she’s not about to turn away his help or protection when a violent group of convicts attacks. There is an undeniable attraction between Garrett and Lauren and things quickly heat up between the two. Will Lauren and her group be rescued before the convicts strike again? Can Garrett and Lauren find love or will his secret tear them apart?

15801563I feel like I need to pause and catch my breath after reading this book. Sorenson writes an action packed book that grabs you from page one. If you look up page turner in the dictionary there’s a picture of this book next to the definition.

I loved Garrett ‘s character. He was such an honorable man, who wanted to accept the consequences of his actions even though he was offered a reprieve. He was extremely protective of all the women in the group,  making sure the bad guys didn’t get them. His love for Lauren was so strong even though he convinced himself he didn’t deserve her.

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Review: A HOME BY THE SEA by Christina Skye

In A Home By The Sea by Christina Skye, Grace Lindstrom, a food historian, isn’t looking for love. She lost her fiance in a plane crash and afterwards found out that he cheated on her numerous times, even fathering a child. Leaving a party one night during a horrible snow storm, Grace hears some abandoned kittens crying in an alley. Unable to just walk away, Grace and handsome stranger Noah McKay rescue the momma and babies. Noah works as a bomb technician for a top secret government group. His job doesn’t leave him time for a relationship, especially when he is on call virtually all the time, but there’s something about Grace that he can’t just walk away from. When Grace moves back to Oregon to care for a sick relative, will their fledgling relationship survive the distance?

11444136One of the things I most enjoyed about this book was the slow build up between Grace and Noah. Nothing beats a good anticipated love scene and Skye certainly delivers in this book. Skye hints that Noah had been a bit of a player prior to Grace but he is nothing but a gentleman towards her, even courting her from across the country.

The other part of this book that I loved is that Grace is a knitter. She actually takes Noah to a yarn shop at one point. When Noah mentions his mom used to knit, Grace helps him pick out some yarn as a gift. There is a whole wonderful discussion about how knitting is therapeutic. Noah is also a smart guy because while in the yarn shop he pays attention to what yarn Grace is in love with and mails it to her when she moves to Oregon (if a guy sends a knitter cashmere yarn, he’s definitely a keeper!).

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