Review: DOG COLLAR CUISINE by Adrienne Giordano

Another fun mystery with Lucie and the gang! This time we get to see O’Hottie get involved in the screwball investigations too. Dog Collar Cuisine by Adrienne Giordano is the 5th book in the series and they just keep getting better. I will admit sometimes I get frustrated with Lucie and her decisions but they always end up entertaining me and I am usually laughing or smiling as the story unfolds. Everything always works out in the end. In Dog Collar Cuisine I started to understand Lucie a little more.

Lucie is accused of stealing and blackmailing one of her clients. Of course she is not going to just wait around and let the police figure out who stole the recipe from Antoine, the famous chef. She is going to find out on her own to clear her own name. This time she pulls in her family, friends, and detective boyfriend, Tim. It is a hoot!

Giordano does a fantastic job with this series. Each story is hilariously original and will have you literally laughing out loud. She sprinkles in some heartfelt family moments along with fun romance. The characters in this series are unique, quirky and downright lovable.

If you are looking for an entertaining, witty, mystery, give Dog Collar Cuisine a read! While it is part of a series, each book has its own plot/mystery and is solved in one book.

Title: Dog Collar Cuisine (A Lucie Rizzo Mystery, #5)

Author: Adrienne Giordano

Category: Mystery

Source: ARC received from Author


Review: DOG COLLAR CHAOS by Adrienne Giordano

I love a good Lucie Rizzo Mystery and Dog Collar Chaos by Adrienne Giordano is everything the series represents. From the wonderfully wacky yet loveable characters to a mystery that takes a lot of whit and hijinks to solve. It doesn’t hurt to have a protective mob boss father and a hot Irish detective to add to the entertainment. The result includes lots of laughs and heart warming fun.

Lucie always has the best of intentions but somehow she always ends up in an uncontrollable adventure where she meets the most interesting people. She ages her boyfriend cop daily but makes her Dad proud the way she fights for those she loves. They all love her just as much and would do anything for her. That’s what is so great about this series. I want Lucie to be my friend.

In Dog Collar Chaos, Lucie’s best friend Roseanne is arrested for the murder. One she did not commit, of course. Since the formal investigation is moving too slow, Lucie takes things into her own hands. Oh boy. Strap on your seat belt because things move quickly and Lucie won’t rest until Ro is out of jail.

I was ecstatic with how much Lucile’s Dad is in this book. He is such a protector and it’s great fun with him in each of his scenes. I absolutely adore hunky detective Tim O’Brien. He is absolutely perfect for Lucie. Bails her out when she needs it. Lets her do her thing when he knows she needs to make a stand or a point about something. His point of view was great in Dog Collar Chaos. I never got enough of him in past books (so he better come out on top if there is a love triangle going on in future books, Ms. Giordano!).

I don’t want to give away too much because these books are pure entertainment from beginning to end. I literally laughed out loud several times during Dog Collar Chaos. Giordano’s writing is pure gold which is evident in this book and why she will always be an auto-read for me. If you like humor, mystery, and a little romance, give Dog Collar Chaos a read.

Title: Dog Collar Chaos (Lucie Rizzo Mystery, #4)

Author: Adrienne Giordano

Category: Mystery, Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Review: COP TOWN by Karin Slaughter

In Cop Town by Karin Slaughter, Kate Murphy couldn’t have picked a worse day to start as a rookie cop for the Atlanta Police Department.  The APD has been rocked by a serial killer that the force has dubbed The Shooter. Kate’s partner, Maggie Lawson isn’t about to make things any easier for the Buckhead princess.  Maggie has her own problems: her cop brother was injured last night by The Shooter and her cop uncle has no qualms about beating her or reminding her that she belongs in the kitchen not on the force. As Kate and Maggie patrol the streets looking for the killer, the two come to believe that they could solve the case before the detectives do. Just two problems: This is Atlanta in 1974 and women aren’t detectives and aren’t welcomed on the force.

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Slaughter’s. I have been reading her for years and each book gets better and better.  Her descriptions of my hometown of Atlanta are so accurate that it feels like I am visiting. Cop Town is a much different book for Slaughter.  It’s het first stand alone novel.  It’s also historical in nature.  Anyone who reads this book should know it’s nothing at all like her Grant County and Will Trent series.

Atlanta in 1974 is on the cusp of a radical culture change.  Desegregation is beginning.  Whites are fleeing to the suburbs ultimately creating the urban sprawl that the city is now notorious for. Most importantly, Atlanta has elected it’s first Black mayor, Maynard Jackson.

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Review: DEATH BY DIDGERIDOO by Barbara Venkataraman

Death by Digeridoo by Barbara Venkataraman was a quick read with just the right amount of mystery and movement.  I enjoyed the point of view from which the author wrote it which was in the person of the main character, Jamie Quinn.

Jamie is a lawyer who has taken some time off, but is abruptly thrown back into the legal world when her cousin is arrested for the murder of his music teacher.  Jamie, a divorce lawyer, is totally out of her element on this one but she knows when to draw in those who can help.  From a no account private eye to a smarmy DA, we are drawn in by Jamie’s ability to find the humor in the absurd and determine who done it!

I like this author’s style and would read another book she wrote.  Treat yourself to an amusing yet tantalizing story with a bit of cynicism thrown in for good measure.

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Review: TAKING EVE by Iris Johansen

A friend introduced me to the writings of Iris Johansen several years ago and I have enjoyed everyone of her fascinating Eve Duncan novels.  Eve is a forensic sculptor who reconstructs the skulls of children who have died but are yet unidentified.  She does this to bring closure to the parents whose loved ones have vanished, a situation with which she can readily identify since her own child was kidnapped and murdered.  This novel continues the story of Eve, Jane her adopted daughter and Joe the love of her life.

In this story Eve’s skills are once again coveted by a man whose son may or may not be dead.  However, he cannot go to the police to confirm that the skull he has in his possession is his son’s.  Therefore, he has stalked Eve and set up her kidnapping to finally know once and for all if this is in fact his son.  However, the story takes the reader down a twisted path as you learn more about the father and the son.

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