Review: A DARE WITH CONSEQUENCES by Wendy S. Marcus

Wendy S. Marcus has done it again with A Dare with Consequences. She has written a story about characters I absolutely fell in love with and a story that does not at all go the way I expect. in general, I am not a fan of one-night stand romances, but I trust Marcus’ writing enough that she is an auto-read for me. I was rewarded with a wonderful novella filled with a handsome hero that had me swooning over the type of man he turned out to be. The heroine is a kickass, independent woman determined to make it on her own and not take the easy way out. The story had the right amount of build up with great character development and an original take on a common romance trope.

30008410Ren and Anya’s story is one of passion and struggle. These characters provide us with realistic life decisions. They are doing their best with the hand they have been dealt in life. The only thing that is preventing them from being together is themselves. They have to learn how to trust one another and to give in to the feelings they hold for the other. It’s such a good story.

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Review & Giveaway: ALL I NEED IS YOU by Wendy S. Marcus

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Review by Amy

All I Need Is You by Wendy S. Marcus took me completely by surprise. Often. From the first letters written between hero Rory and heroine Neve to a hilarious scene in a school parking lot to a very serious night that brought all emotions to a head and changed the lives of the main characters. I couldn’t find much of a blurb for this book when I read it, so I didn’t really know what I was getting into, other than I knew it would be a contemporary romance and Marcus is an auto-read for me. It was an emotional journey of finding oneself independently and through the love of other people. That sounded like a women’s fiction type description, huh? Well, let me tell you this book is plenty hot and sexy and definitely is a romance. It’s just Neve’s journey was more than just about her and Rory.

24843214I enjoyed the plot of this book because it did not follow what I expect in a lot of contemporary romance books. It was a little raw at times. Neve’s background is not as light and fluffy as it appears to the outside world. I love both her strength and her vulnerability throughout the story. Rory isn’t the guy I expected to read about. He is a solider, but he isn’t the typical 6 foot plus, 250 lb hero we read about. Boy does he have a personality make to up for his physical size. Rory and Neve fit so well together, too. I just love the little twist to the typical romance couple.

Marcus does a fantastic job with Neve and Rory’s romance. As I mentioned from the beginning I was surprised and was not able to predict how things would turn out. Of course I knew they would end up together, but it’s the how that kept me reading. The intimate scenes fit the two of these characters very well. Marcus writes hot scenes and they are always different depending on the story.

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Review: THE GROUP SEDUCTION by Wendy S. Marcus

I can honestly say I have never read a book like The Group Seduction by Wendy S. Marcus before. I am still not sure what I think about Annabella’s decision to seduce her husband in the company of others, but it sure made the story interesting. The story is a very accurate portrayal of what can happen between busy spouses with children and jobs if communication is not maintained. Women, whether we want to admit it or not, need that physical intimacy from our spouse and it’s one of the ways we feel loved and cherished.

GroupSeduction-coverThe Group Seduction is a fun short story that had me daydreaming about what it would be like to surprise my husband like Bella did for Jack. Many non-fiction readers don’t realize that you can improve your marriage from reading romantic fiction. I have done the same things Bella has and when I read her doing it to Jack I was kicking myself because I saw it from a different perspective. Reading this story has made me more conscious of how my actions and words affect my husband.

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Wendy S. Marcus is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary romance authors. Her books have the perfect amount of story and romance that has me speeding through them and wanting to run and kiss my husband.  Luckily, I just learned about Wendy a couple of months ago so I get to check out her back list of books to read!

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Review, Character Interview, & Giveaway: SECRETS OF A SHY SOCIALITE by Wendy S. Marcus

Update – Congratulations to Joya, winner of Wendy’s giveaway!  Thank you to all who participated!

If you caught my post on Monday, March 18 you got a glimpse of what Wendy S. Marcus can do with a story. The second book in the series is just as good as the first! Today at So Many Reads we have Jaci’s twin sister Jena!  Up for grabs today is a paperback copy of Secrets of a Shy Socialite, so please don’t leave without commenting below!

Secrets of a Shy Socialite US cover

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